Network Telecom

Media Partner

Network Telecom all media platform provides the most objective data of the communications industry, conducts the most authoritative industrial ranking events, releases effective & reliable industry news, and assists the internationalization of enterprises.

Adhering to objectivity, trueness, fairness and authority, and based on the new development of the industry, Network Telecom all media platform is committed to providing the most impartial and authoritative data and disseminating the latest and most complete information in the field of optical communications.

Our clients include manufacturers, distributors, operators, and the vast number of network and telecommunications users in communications industry.

The company owns such a series of Network Telecom publications as Chinese and English version magazine, micro magazine, wechat admin platform, website portal and e-newspaper, high-quality overseas cooperation platforms, together with a series of influential ranking events including the Top 10 competitiveness enterprises in the optical communications field of China & Global market.


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