Networks, Tuesday 21 March 2017




Organisers opening remarks

Mr Goncalo Fernandes

Opening keynote: Get ready for a blockchain future

  • Applications for blockchain in telecoms – it’s not just about Bitcoin!
  • Disrupting traditional processes and creating secure, 100% reliable authentication
  • How next-gen blockchains will impact both operational and digital telecom services 
Mr David Lake

Let the Transformation begin

  • Where are we moving forward FROM?
  • The digital future is about the application of IT technology to solve business problems and opportunities
  • Both Operators and Enterprises can start NOW - there is no need to "rip-and-replace"
  • OSS/BSS proliferation/complexities are just another business problem which can be solved in the same manner
  • This is not an off-premise vs. on-premise discussion - both, and hybrid, exist
Panel discussion

Opening keynote panel: Creating “Telco 4.0”

  • Past vs present: how has the role of the telco evolved?
    • How do you see this changing in the next 5 years?
    • Going beyond dumb pipes – how can telcos become a full-fledged service-oriented provider?
    • Unlocking the value of an IoT economy - how can telcos monetize connectivity?
  • Embracing the start-up scene
    • What are the new partnership opportunities for telcos?
  • Leveraging new technologies to drive transformation and new collaborations
    • E.g the blockchain opportunity
  • Innovating in the age of disruption
  • Where are the new revenue sources? How can telcos leverage their existing capabilities to create niche or unique selling points?

Morning refreshments and exhibition viewing


Panel discussion

Opening Panel: Meeting the network requirements of tomorrow

  • The telco and IoT – what’s the role for the telco in supporting the IoT ecosystem
    • What are the network requirements for this?
    • What are the challenges and how can they be overcome?
  • Becoming agile and cost-effective
    • Meeting the demand for low-latency, hi-speed and greater capacity
    • Overcoming the challenge of “legacy networks”
    • Aligning your network strategy with your digital transformation strategy
  • Keeping up with the changing security threat landscape
Moderator: Mr Ajay Sunder, Vice President - Digital Transformation, Frost & Sullivan
Rungsun Channarukul, Senior Executive Vice President, TOT Public Company Ltd
Mr Bruno Von Niman

Preparing for the 5G era: As the myth becomes reality

  • Visions of and requirements for 5G
    • Main drivers, attributes, characteristics and scenarios
    • Barriers to success?
    • 5G commercialisation – where do we start?
  • Assessing the key elements, building blocks and initiatives
    • Will we reach and deploy a common standard?         
    • Why and what? When and how?        
  • Cutting through the noise – how close are we to the first implementations?
    • At which point in time will the first 5G elements start to appear?
    • Adoption and migration considerations
    • Optimal strategy recommendations   
Dr Shuangfeng Han

Capitalising on the promises of 5G

  • Key technical approach and solutions for standardisation
  • What are the expected benefits and new services that can be offered with the deployment of 5G?
    • New service offerings
    • Improved cost efficiency and network flexibility
    • Meeting the expected growth in mobile traffic in 2020s
  • How will this change the way operators plan their network for the future, and what fundamental changes must they undergo?
  • Pre-5G: what are the pros/cons of 4.5G?
    • Do the initial investment costs outweigh the eventual returns?
    • With 5G trials in the works, can less-advanced telcos wait for 5G and skip 4.5G?

Lunch and exhibition viewing


Mr Omer Wilson

The Heart of a Smart City? The DataCentre of the Future

  • How will Data Centres evolve to support future Smart Cities
  • The Future Ecosystem and a DigitalCentre2020
  • Secure, Green and Connected? What is the optimal way forward
Ms Carleen Chou

WiFi for a Smart City

  • Meeting the needs of a Smart City – just how much will be supported by Wifi?
  • Existing challenges for Wifi deployment and how can they be overcome
  • No longer enemies – how can operators and wifi providers achieve better collaboration?
Panel discussion

Networking sharing panel: No telco is an island – relooking at network sharing to deliver high-quality services to your customers

  • Improving rural coverage and infrastructure rollout – how can operators leverage each other’s network to achieve mutual ROI?
  • What are the pros, cons and challenges in achieving greater active network sharing?
  • As the network becomes more of a commodity and smart cities a bigger priority, do you see network sharing as the next step going forward?
Mr Muniff Kamaruddin, Director of Operations, edotco Group


Mr Marin Ivezic

Preparing for tomorrow’s security challenges

  • What are the new threats and challenges facing our networks today
    • How can network owners increase resilience to attacks and network disruption
  • New privacy issues and implications to consider with overflowing customer data
  • Cybersecurity in the age of IoT – how can the industry address this collectively?
    • What are the new expectations that customers have of their service providers?
    • Are there new business opportunities for operators?
Panel discussion

Closing keynote panel: Formulating regulatory frameworks for the future – What do we want and when do we want it?

  • What are the emerging regulatory challenges on the horizon for APAC’s telecoms market?
  • Do existing regulatory frameworks reflect today’s business environment for the telco sector?
  • What are the changes required/ desired to support an open, collaborative ecosystem for telcos and content players?
  • APAC outlook: what are the pros and cons of standardising regulations across the region (i.e. similar to EU)?
    • What would be the challenges and do the benefits outweigh the costs?
    • Is this a necessary future in order to facilitate a robust regional digital economy?



Chairperson’s closing remarks and end of Day One

Evening Cocktail hosted by China Unicom Global

R Bar @ Renaissance Bangkok
Ratchaprasong Bangkok

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After Party hosted by CAT Telecom (by invite only)

Lotus Garden 
26th Floor, Centara Grand @ CentralWorld

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Networks, Wednesday 22 March 2017


Registration and morning refreshments


Chairperson’s opening remarks

Mr Ben King

Keynote address: Unlocking the value of Asia’s digital economy - a Google perspective

  • The 200B digital opportunity in SEA - three key drivers
    • E-commerce (with observations on current trends) 
    • Travel
    • Online Media (Advertising and Gaming)
  • SEA VC and Start-up Ecosystem 
    • Investment landscape
    • Challenges we need to overcome to realize the opportunity
  • Trends in digital content consumption
Govind Maheshwari

Keynote address: Creating an ecosystem for the digital future

  • Going beyond creating traditional telco assets
    • Rationale behind Globe Live and Globe Studios
  • Complementing the new digital native’s lifestyle
    • “The store is not just a store”
    • Catering to the Philippine market – what can telcos from other countries learn from Globe’s approach?
    • Ensuring network readiness to support rollout of new offerings
  • Engaging in strategic partnerships to offer innovative and new content experiences for customers

Morning refreshments and exhibition viewing


Mr Takanori Mizuguchi

SD-WAN case study by NTT Communications

  • Feasibility testing of SD-WAN vendor solutions 
  • Combining SD-WAN, cloud and “Smart CPE”
  • Increasing flexibility and improving network scalability
    • What are the new applications available with this approach?        
Panel discussion

Infrastructure Modernization for NFV and SDN

  • Cloud Infrastructure Platform for NFVI vision and solutions, reducing Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
  • Cloud Scale Infrastructure solutions to accelerate time-to-market and reduce downtime
  • Open Network vision and solutions to enable SDN in Network Functions Virtualisation 
Mr Rajesh Viliyakath, APJ Regional Account Manager, Intel Corporation
Panel discussion

SDN/NFV Panel: Monetizing your investments in SDN and NFV

  • What are the new services you have provided with implementation of SDN in your network operations?
  • Challenges and how did you overcome them
    • How do you think operators can reach a common standard to achieve interoperability?
  • The role of SDN and NFV as the foundation for a digital transformation
    • Where are the opportunities for APIs to create a consistent user experience?
  • Reducing costs, increasing agility and enabling faster service delivery
    • Do current telco support models work in a world of SDN?
Panu Denskoon, Product & Partner Strategy Manager, Verizon

Lunch and exhibition viewing



Opportunities for operators in Fog Computing

Engr. Nalini Kumari

Optimizing your energy management for your network expansion

  • What will be the energy requirements to power expanding networks which require high speed and minimal downtime?
  • How can CIOs optimize their network infrastructure to ensure efficient energy consumption and lower costs?
  • Harnessing the power of Green Energy
Engr. Nalini Kumari, Director of Engineering, edotco Group, edotco Group
Panel discussion

OSS/BSS Panel: Creating a next-gen OSS/BSS architecture to support your telco’s transformation

  • How are demands for next-gen services changing the way we deal with OSS/BSS
  • Maintaining low costs while achieving scale
  • Supporting automated, software-driven services
  • Making your OSS/BSS function an integral element of your service layer architecture
  • Creating a next-gen Telco OS

Chairperson’s closing remarks and end of Telecoms World Asia 2017. See you in 2018!

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