Networks - Track 2, Monday 19 March 2018




Organisers opening remarks


Chairperson’s opening remarks


Ariya Banomyong

Opening Keynote Address: Transforming into a platform business


Keynote Address by China Unicom Global, Title Sponsor for Telecoms World 2018

Isabelle Mauro

Opportunities for growth in the next 5 years

  • What will be the key external forces and technologies affecting the industry
  • Undergoing a digital reinvention - how will the role of telcos look like in 2020?
  • How can telcos maximize the opportunities present in a new business ecosystem?

Keynote Address by CAT Telecom


Morning refreshments and exhibition viewing




Operator case study – Realising the potential of a fully virtualised network


Increased network efficiency, reduced cost: The AT&T Virtualised Network


Presentation by Dell


Lunch and exhibition viewing

SDN/NFV & Leveraging Open Source

Panel discussion

Panel: Are we there yet? – Scaling the SDN/NFV mountain

  • Why are operators struggling to realise the benefits purported by SDN and NFV? 
  • Getting the strategy right – what are the existing roadblocks and how can they be addressed?
    • Dealing with the boardroom, changing existing mindsets, identifying the right services 
  • Becoming a true Digital Service provider
    • How to shorten the transformation process
Shahar Steiff

Optimising the use of open source

  • Assessing the current state of open source adoption for the telecoms industry
  • Current challenges –
    • How can open source projects overcome the issue of interoperability in a commercial multi-vendor environment?
    • What role should/must operators play in order to achieve full end to end service delivery?

Next-gen network strategies

Panel discussion

Case study by Telekom Malaysia: Deploying a next-gen DWDM network

  • Updates on TM’s Next Generation DWDM network deployment
    • Rationale and timeline
  • Expected benefits and new opportunities
  • Key challenges and how they were overcome
    • Issue of high CAPEX – how can operators best work around this?
    • Network migration and eventual integration
  • Creating SDN readiness with next-gen network deployment
    • What are some issues operators should consider in order to achieve a certain level of integration in a multi-vendor environment?

Tata Communications Presentation


Fireside chat: The journey towards automation

  • Transformation requirements - what's driving the need for automation? Lifecycle service optimisation and what else?
  • What are the potential cost savings and how can we start getting there?
  • Roadblocks & how they can be overcome
  • How does AI play into the process of network automation?

Afternoon refreshments and exhibition viewing

Keynote Plenary: Creating a safe & secure connected future

Panel discussion

Closing keynote panel: Addressing the challenge of cybersecurity in a connected world

  • What are the new threats being faced by our networks today vs before?
  • Cybersecurity in the digital age: how can the industry address this collectively?
    • Improving collaboration with regulators to reduce risk and improve resiliency
    • Is there a need for greater regional coordination between operators to strengthen our networks?
  • 5-year outlook: how will new technologies pose as both a threat and an opportunity in ensuring security?
Moderator: Marin Ivezic, Cybersecurity & Privacy Partner, PWC

Chairperson’s closing remarks and end of Day One


Networking Drinks Reception

Join us for a drink at the end of day 1 to cement existing relationships and forge lucrative new partnerships.
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Networks - Track 2, Tuesday 20 March 2018


Registration & Morning Refreshments


Organiser's welcome remarks


Chairperson’s opening remarks

Keynote Plenary: Connected Ecosystems

Gulzar Azad

Keynote address: Connecting the next billion users

  • Making Internet access available and affordable for the world – how are we getting there?
  • Challenges, opportunities, key project milestones
  • Creating sustainable business partnerships – where do carriers fit in? 
Gulzar Azad, Country Head - Connectivity, Google

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Panel discussion

Joint Keynote Panel: Maximising opportunities and minimizing threats in a future of a billion (and more) connected things

  • Maximizing the telco’s role in IoT
    • What’s the current progress? 
    • Where are the key roadblocks and how can we overcome them as an industry?
    • How long before we get to see meaningful ROI?
  • Addressing the other side of IoT 
    • How do you foresee the acceleration of technology progression in the IoT era? 
    • What is the impact on our social and economic structures and how can we best prepare for them?
    • Reducing threats – how can the industry better pre-empt security and privacy concerns in the age of connected things?

Morning refreshments and exhibition viewing


Lunch & Exhibition Viewing


Fireside Chat: Improving quality and accuracy of security decisions

  • Overcoming the problem of legacy security policies
  • Improving the agility and flexibility of your network to meet the demands of a hyper-connected, dynamic, cloud-based threat environment
  • Integrating your NOC and SOC   
Panel discussion

Mobile payments and digital wallets: The next source of growth for telcos?

  • Opportunities for digital wallets in Asia's emerging markets
  • Determining the use case - why telcos are best positioned to be a digital wallet provider
  • How have today's requirements for data management in the financial industry impacted telco network architecture?
  • Network security as key to credibility & differentiation
  • Regulatory challenges and how they can be overcome

Afternoon refreshments and networking. End of Telecoms World Asia 2018.

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