Networks - Track 2, Monday 19 March 2018




Organisers opening remarks


Chairperson’s opening remarks



Opening Keynote Address: Reimagining Communication

  • Communication in the digital age – how far have we come and where are we at?
  • Technologies on the horizon – AI, VR/AR and 5G
    • How will these technologies further change up the way we interact with our environment
  • What does this mean for the telco and how are operators uniquely positioned to take advantage of their role?

Keynote Address by China Unicom Global, Title Sponsor for Telecoms World 2018

Panel discussion

Joint Opening Keynote Panel: Thriving in the age of automation, digital disruption and new technologies

  • What are the challenges and opportunities present for operators as we live in an Internet of Things era
    • Which technology or technologies do you think presents the next big game changer? What would that mean for your business?
  • Future 2020 – what billions of connected devices will mean for the telecoms industry in terms of data, networks and revenue sources
  • How prepared are our networks for providing seamless, always on and secured M2M connectivity?
  • Engaging the digital consumer – how should operators continue to partner with non-traditional players to add/create value for their customers?

Morning refreshments and exhibition viewing




Operator case study – Realising the potential of a fully virtualised network

Panel discussion

Panel: Are we there yet? – Scaling the SDN/NFV mountain

  • Why are operators struggling to realise the benefits purported by SDN and NFV? 
  • Getting the strategy right – what are the existing roadblocks and how can they be addressed?
    • Dealing with the boardroom, changing existing mindsets, identifying the right services 
  • Becoming a true Digital Service provider
    • How to shorten the transformation process


Shahar Steiff

Optimising the use of open source

  • Assessing the current state of open source adoption for the telecoms industry
  • Current challenges –
    • How can open source projects overcome the issue of interoperability in a commercial multi-vendor environment?
    • What role should/must operators play in order to achieve full end to end service delivery?

Case Study: Adopting an open source software model for your network


Case Study: Adopting an open source software model for your network


Lunch and exhibition viewing

Next-gen network strategies


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Panel discussion

Case study by Telekom Malaysia: Deploying a next-gen DWDM network

  • Updates on TM’s Next Generation DWDM network deployment
    • Rationale and timeline
  • Expected benefits and new opportunities
  • Key challenges and how they were overcome
    • Issue of high CAPEX – how can operators best work around this?
    • Network migration and eventual integration
  • Creating SDN readiness with next-gen network deployment
    • What are some issues operators should consider in order to achieve a certain level of integration in a multi-vendor environment?

Afternoon refreshments and exhibition viewing



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Panel discussion

Closing keynote panel: Addressing the challenge of cybersecurity in a connected world

  • What are the new threats being faced by our networks today vs before?
  • Cybersecurity in the digital age: how can the industry address this collectively?
    • Improving collaboration with regulators to reduce risk and improve resiliency
    • Is there a need for greater regional coordination between operators to strengthen our networks?
  • 5-year outlook: how will new technologies pose as both a threat and an opportunity in ensuring security?
Moderator: Marin Ivezic, Cybersecurity & Privacy Partner, PWC
Sameer Sharma, Senior Advisor, International Telecommunication Union
Juni Yan, Vice President AMEA, Security, B.T. Global Services
Eliseo Rio, OIC Secretary/ Undersecretary, Special Concerns, Department Of ICT

Chairperson’s closing remarks and end of Day One


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Networks - Track 2, Tuesday 20 March 2018


Registration & Morning Refreshments


Chairperson’s opening remarks



Keynote address: Connecting the next billion users

  • Making Internet access available and affordable for the world – how are we getting there?
  • Challenges, opportunities, key project milestones
  • Creating sustainable business partnerships – where do carriers fit in? 

Assessing Asia’s ICT development for 2020

  • How will Asia’s markets develop in the next 5 years?
  • Bridging the connectivity gap – state of emerging markets and how will they look like?
  • Encouraging infrastructure investment and driving PPP development

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Panel discussion

Joint Keynote Panel: Maximising opportunities and minimizing threats in a future of a billion (and more) connected things

  • Maximizing the telco’s role in IoT
    • What’s the current progress? 
    • Where are the key roadblocks and how can we overcome them as an industry?
    • How long before we get to see meaningful ROI?
  • Addressing the other side of IoT 
    • How do you foresee the acceleration of technology progression in the IoT era? 
    • What is the impact on our social and economic structures and how can we best prepare for them?
    • Reducing threats – how can the industry better pre-empt security and privacy concerns in the age of connected things?

Morning refreshments and exhibition viewing


Ricky Chau

Cybersecurity in the age of IoT – how ready are our networks?

  • Assessing network readiness for present and future cyberattacks
  • What are the current gaps and how can the industry address this collectively?
    • What are the new expectations that customers have of their service providers?
    • Are there new business opportunities for operators?
Panel discussion

Panel: In pursuit of security – addressing security challenges of a virtualised network

  • In an international business what are the best processes to dealing with data sovereignty? How is the industry addressing challenges of data ownership?
  • As DDoS attacks become more prolific, how are carriers tackling this cyber security challenge? And how are carriers working together to ensure security across the network and on each layer?
  • What role do carriers play in ensuring security in the Internet of Things? How can carriers monetise added security services?

Case Study: Ensuring end-to-end security in your network architecture


Fireside Chat: Improving quality and accuracy of security decisions

  • Overcoming the problem of legacy security policies
  • Improving the agility and flexibility of your network to meet the demands of a hyper-connected, dynamic, cloud-based threat environment
  • Integrating your NOC and SOC   



Mobile payments and digital wallets

  • Mobile money – the next source of growth for telcos?
  • Opportunities for digital wallets in Asia’s emerging markets
  • Regulatory challenges to overcome
  • Network security as key to credibility and differentiation

Case Study: Learnings from the success of M-Pesa


Case Study: Preparing your network for the age of Fintech

Panel discussion

Panel: Ensuring network robustness for business continuity in the financial industry

  • How have today’s requirements for data management in the financial industry impacted the telco’s network architecture?
  • What are the new challenges with the advent of new financial applications that are heavily dependent on telecom networks? How can they be overcome?

Afternoon refreshments and networking. End of Telecoms World Asia 2018.

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