Networks - Track 1, Monday 19 March 2018




Organisers opening remarks


Chairperson’s opening remarks


Ariya Banomyong

Opening Keynote Address: Transforming into a platform business


Keynote Address by China Unicom Global, Title Sponsor for Telecoms World 2018

Isabelle Mauro

Opportunities for growth in the next 5 years

  • What will be the key external forces and technologies affecting the industry
  • Undergoing a digital reinvention - how will the role of telcos look like in 2020?
  • How can telcos maximize the opportunities present in a new business ecosystem?

Keynote Address by CAT Telecom


Morning refreshments and exhibition viewing

Wireless Networks

The Road to 5G

Panel discussion

Panel: Road to 5G 2020 – how are we getting there?

  • Main drivers, attributes, characteristics and scenarios
  • How will this change the way operators plan their network for the future, and what fundamental changes must they undergo?
  • Comparing operator strategies and for 5G network upgrades
    • Ensuring a smooth transition to 5G
  • Optimising 5G deployment
    • Strategies to reduce the cost of deployment
    • Journey to 4G vs 5G – lessons learned
Wing Lee, Chief Executive Officer, YTL Communications

The impact of 5G on service provider infrastructure

5G is expected to bring with it new radio access networks, significantly increased network capacity and latency demands, and new service types.

This presentation, delivered by Ciena, will outline some of the network architecture design changes, capacity scalability, and orchestration requirements needed to ensure service providers are ready for true 5G roll-out.

Lunch and exhibition viewing

Spectrum Futures

Panel discussion

Spectrum planning for 5G

  • ​Updates on standardisation process
  • What do governments and regulators need to take note of when allocating/planning investment and spectrum availability

Spectrum roadmaps for 5G

  • Network investment requirements for 5G network deployments - what's the role of the government and of the regulator?
  • How can the industry and regulators collaborate globally to ensure a smooth rollout of 5G services and equipment?

Access Networks

Panel discussion

Building access networks for digital futures

  • Delivering high capacity networks for the next wave of digital services
  • Understanding the access network requirements of emerging technologies including 5G, the IoT and virtualisation
  • Exploring available technologies and determining what’s next
Thein Than Toe, Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder, Global Technology Co., Ltd.

Afternoon refreshments and exhibition viewing

Keynote Plenary: Creating a safe & secure connected future

Panel discussion

Closing keynote panel: Addressing the challenge of cybersecurity in a connected world

  • What are the new threats being faced by our networks today vs before?
  • Cybersecurity in the digital age: how can the industry address this collectively?
    • Improving collaboration with regulators to reduce risk and improve resiliency
    • Is there a need for greater regional coordination between operators to strengthen our networks?
  • 5-year outlook: how will new technologies pose as both a threat and an opportunity in ensuring security?
Moderator: Marin Ivezic, Cybersecurity & Privacy Partner, PWC

Chairperson’s closing remarks and end of Day One


Networking Drinks Reception

Join us for a drink at the end of day 1 to cement existing relationships and forge lucrative new partnerships.
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Networks - Track 1, Tuesday 20 March 2018


Registration & Morning Refreshments


Organiser's welcome remarks


Chairperson’s opening remarks

Keynote Plenary: Connected Ecosystems

Gulzar Azad

Keynote address: Connecting the next billion users

  • Making Internet access available and affordable for the world – how are we getting there?
  • Challenges, opportunities, key project milestones
  • Creating sustainable business partnerships – where do carriers fit in? 
Gulzar Azad, Country Head - Connectivity, Google

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Panel discussion

Joint Keynote Panel: Maximising opportunities and minimizing threats in a future of a billion (and more) connected things

  • Maximizing the telco’s role in IoT
    • What’s the current progress? 
    • Where are the key roadblocks and how can we overcome them as an industry?
    • How long before we get to see meaningful ROI?
  • Addressing the other side of IoT 
    • How do you foresee the acceleration of technology progression in the IoT era? 
    • What is the impact on our social and economic structures and how can we best prepare for them?
    • Reducing threats – how can the industry better pre-empt security and privacy concerns in the age of connected things?

Morning refreshments and exhibition viewing

Infrastructure for the Smart City

Tsutomu Tajima

Beyond the buzzword: achieving real value from IoT/M2M services

  • KDDI’s IoT/M2M service history
  • What’s next and how are we getting there?
    • Foreseeable challenges and opportunities
  • Achieving real monetization of IoT/M2M services
    • The role of 5G in making these services a reality
Tsutomu Tajima, Deputy General Manager, Global Telematics Department, KDDI Corporation
Panel discussion

Panel: The role of the telco in the smart city

  • The role of LPWANs in facilitating connectivity for billions of devices
    • What are the pros, cons and challenges? 
  • Working with existing telecom infrastructure to facilitate a “Smart City” environment
    • How can telcos prepare their networks to handle the expected large volumes of data processing?
    • Combining existing and new technologies to provide seamless connectivity services
  • What new services can telcos expect to deliver and what new capabilities can be developed as technology improves?
Tsutomu Tajima, Deputy General Manager, Global Telematics Department, KDDI Corporation

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Lunch & Exhibition Viewing

Network security

Ricky Chau

Cybersecurity in the age of IoT – how ready are our networks?

  • Assessing network readiness for present and future cyberattacks
  • What are the current gaps and how can the industry address this collectively?
    • What are the new expectations that customers have of their service providers?
    • Are there new business opportunities for operators?

Smart networks for smart products

Panel discussion

Case Study: The role of telecom operators and delivering the Smart Home

  • Leveraging your position as telco to provide seamless connectivity for the smart home consumer
  • Key challenges and takeaways from product creation to implementation

Afternoon refreshments and networking. End of Telecoms World Asia 2018.

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