Abloy South East Asia


ABLOY with its 110 years history is one of the leading manufacturers of complete high security solutions. ABLOY door and asset locking solutions are used extensively within high risk, high value markets as well as by infrastructure, government and defence end users who demand the ultimate in high security.

ABLOY has a proven history of telecommunication business for decades. Along with the new technology in telecom business, ABLOY has introduced new methods and systems to create value and fast pay-back time to telecom customers. We provide a complete solution including hardware, project management and managed services from installation to managing access rights.

Securing telecoms sites has never been more important as they are increasingly considered a part of critical national infrastructure. Sabotage, internal theft, vandalism and changing shape of the infrastructure are challenges telecom tower owners face in today’s world. These challenges and their impact can be overcome by intelligent security solutions from ABLOY.


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