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Organisers opening remarks

Mr Goncalo Fernandes

Opening keynote: Get ready for a blockchain future

  • Applications for blockchain in telecoms – it’s not just about Bitcoin!
  • Disrupting traditional processes and creating secure, 100% reliable authentication
  • How next-gen blockchains will impact both operational and digital telecom services 
Mr David Lake

Let the Transformation begin

  • Where are we moving forward FROM?
  • The digital future is about the application of IT technology to solve business problems and opportunities
  • Both Operators and Enterprises can start NOW - there is no need to "rip-and-replace"
  • OSS/BSS proliferation/complexities are just another business problem which can be solved in the same manner
  • This is not an off-premise vs. on-premise discussion - both, and hybrid, exist
Panel discussion

Opening keynote panel: Creating “Telco 4.0”

  • Past vs present: how has the role of the telco evolved?
    • How do you see this changing in the next 5 years?
    • Going beyond dumb pipes – how can telcos become a full-fledged service-oriented provider?
    • Unlocking the value of an IoT economy - how can telcos monetize connectivity?
  • Embracing the start-up scene
    • What are the new partnership opportunities for telcos?
  • Leveraging new technologies to drive transformation and new collaborations
    • E.g the blockchain opportunity
  • Innovating in the age of disruption
  • Where are the new revenue sources? How can telcos leverage their existing capabilities to create niche or unique selling points?

Morning refreshments and exhibition viewing

Wholesale Outlook

Mr Stephan Beckert

Networks in the age of the Cloud

  • What is the impact of the digital transformation on the wholesale market?
  • What are the new services and revenue streams that wholesale carriers are looking at?
  • Which are the markets still expecting healthy growth?
Panel discussion

Panel discussion: Relooking at the business of international carriers

  • How can today’s wholesale operators transform their current portfolio to compete in a multi-product bundled market?
  • Driving new partnerships – how can wholesale operators continue to develop a strategic network of partners, and leverage their agility and quicker delivery time?
  • Enabling the cloud – maximising your position as a network and DC provider
  • Wholesale and IoT – where are the opportunities for carriers in this space and what will be the business model driving this?
  • What new technologies should wholesalers look at to ensure future network robustness and efficient service delivery?

Country Spotlight

In a series of 30-min panels and 15-min individual presentations, hear from key executives of some of Asia’s fast-growing markets on developments taking place and opportunities for collaboration and growth
Panel discussion

30-min Country Panel: China - Updates on creating Asia’s Digital Silk Road

  • Infrastructure investment plans
  • Existing challenges and how they can be overcome
  • What are the opportunities for Asia’s carriers
Moderator: Dr Kornphanat Tungkeunkunt, Lecturer of History, Faculty of Liberal Arts, Thammasat University

Lunch and exhibition viewing


In a series of 15-min individual presentations, hear from key executives of some of Asia’s fast-growing markets on developments taking place and opportunities for collaboration and growth
Dr Kasititorn Pooparadai

Host Country Session: Thailand

  • Thailand 4.0/ Digital Economy plan updates
  • Existing infrastructural challenges and how can they be overcome?
  • Opportunities for partnership and collaboration
Mr Minh Thang Nguyen

Vietnam – Opening the doors to new players

  • Data, mobile broadband and smartphone penetration
  • State of development of telecom infrastructure and competition
    • Plans for improving the mobile network infrastructure
  • Opportunities for foreign investment and partnerships
Mr Htun Aung Than

Myanmar Update

  • Updates on the state of telecom infrastructure development and competition in your country
    • Data, mobile broadband and smartphone penetration
  • Infrastructure rollout plans
    • Current developments, projects in the pipeline, rollout timelines, vision for the future
    • What are the specific development plans and key timelines for fixed and wireless connection? What are the project growth rates for the next 1-2 years?


Mr Kempei Fukuda

Japan – What’s next for the hyperconnected nation

  • Current market conditions and new MVNO entrants
  • Challenges for growth and competition
  • Network infrastructure plans for supporting IoT and Tokyo 2020


Mr Marin Ivezic

Preparing for tomorrow’s security challenges

  • What are the new threats and challenges facing our networks today
    • How can network owners increase resilience to attacks and network disruption
  • New privacy issues and implications to consider with overflowing customer data
  • Cybersecurity in the age of IoT – how can the industry address this collectively?
    • What are the new expectations that customers have of their service providers?
    • Are there new business opportunities for operators?
Panel discussion

Closing keynote panel: Formulating regulatory frameworks for the future – What do we want and when do we want it?

  • What are the emerging regulatory challenges on the horizon for APAC’s telecoms market?
  • Do existing regulatory frameworks reflect today’s business environment for the telco sector?
  • What are the changes required/ desired to support an open, collaborative ecosystem for telcos and content players?
  • APAC outlook: what are the pros and cons of standardising regulations across the region (i.e. similar to EU)?
    • What would be the challenges and do the benefits outweigh the costs?
    • Is this a necessary future in order to facilitate a robust regional digital economy?



Chairperson’s closing remarks and end of Day One

Evening Cocktail hosted by China Unicom Global

R Bar @ Renaissance Bangkok
Ratchaprasong Bangkok

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After Party hosted by CAT Telecom (by invite only)

Lotus Garden 
26th Floor, Centara Grand @ CentralWorld

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Carriers, Wednesday 22 March 2017


Registration and morning refreshments


Chairperson’s opening remarks

Mr Ben King

Keynote address: Unlocking the value of Asia’s digital economy - a Google perspective

  • The 200B digital opportunity in SEA - three key drivers
    • E-commerce (with observations on current trends) 
    • Travel
    • Online Media (Advertising and Gaming)
  • SEA VC and Start-up Ecosystem 
    • Investment landscape
    • Challenges we need to overcome to realize the opportunity
  • Trends in digital content consumption
Govind Maheshwari

Keynote address: Creating an ecosystem for the digital future

  • Going beyond creating traditional telco assets
    • Rationale behind Globe Live and Globe Studios
  • Complementing the new digital native’s lifestyle
    • “The store is not just a store”
    • Catering to the Philippine market – what can telcos from other countries learn from Globe’s approach?
    • Ensuring network readiness to support rollout of new offerings
  • Engaging in strategic partnerships to offer innovative and new content experiences for customers

Morning refreshments and exhibition viewing

New Revenue Opportunities

Panel discussion

Voice Panel: Realities of the voice market

  • Assessing the state of voice: is there still opportunity for growth in this business?
  • How can the industry collectively address the problem of falling voice revenue?
    • What are some of the new initiatives your company has embarked on and what were the outcomes?
    • Is there a need to change the way the voice business is modelled?
  • How do you envision the voice business evolving in the next 5 years?
    • Do you foresee a greater consolidation in the voice business, and how would the business model look like?
    • How can customers be retained and what commercial model should be offered to them if paying per minute is not working anymore? 

New capacity drivers in financial services

  • Why shifts in the banking/finance industry will create new demands for international capacity
  • Requirements for a robust, secure and cost effective network
  • What are banks/financial institutions looking for when they purchase capacity today vs before?
  • Hot markets for growth and opportunities for carriers
Mr Matthew Jones

Taking the next step for IPX

  • What are the new service offerings and innovative solutions that IPX providers can give to MNOs?
    • Will this allow them to compete beyond price?
  • How can IPX support the IoT ecosystem and facilitate M2M communication networks?
    • How can the industry achieve better collaboration in IPX and maximise new revenue streams brought on by new partnerships?

Lunch and exhibition viewing

New Revenue Opportunities (cont'd)

Panel discussion

Panel: Growing your wholesale SMS revenue

  • Where are the new opportunities in today’s wholesale SMS market?
  • Monetizing your grey routes
  • Improving reliability and combating fraud
Mr Yaw Yeo, Head of New Markets and Strategic Partnerships APAC, Twilio


Panel discussion

Indonesia – Feeding the bandwidth hungry

  • Improving Internet connectivity and infrastructure in the rural regions
    • Updates on the Palapa Ring II project
  • Meeting the demand for low-latency and heavy content consumption on mobile
  • Opportunities for foreign investment and partnerships

Philippines - Creating a connected nation

  • Updates on the Philippine Digital Economy Plan
  • Spectrum allocation plans
  • Driving infrastructure improvements
    • What is the role of DICT?
    • How can the nation’s telcos achieve better collaboration?
  • Conditions for new market entrants
    • Is there room and how can this spur new innovations and services?
  • Opportunities for foreign investment and partnerships


Panel discussion

Pakistan - Industry snapshot and future landscape

  • Market updates and penetration rates
  • Advent of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor
    • ​Impact on telecom infrastructure development
  • 5G developments - progress and challenges
  • e-Commerce
  • Un-banked population - opportunities and for telecom operators 
Mr Stanley Manzini

Getting Afghanistan ready for a digital future

  • Current developments, projects in the pipeline, rollout timelines, vision for the future
  • Updates on the state of telecom infrastructure development and competition in your country
  • Data, mobile broadband and smartphone penetration rates
  • How can foreign players get involved and where are the new partnership opportunities?
  • What new innovations and services are being considered/implemented with the development of new networks and better connectivity?

Chairperson’s closing remarks and end of Telecoms World Asia 2017. See you in 2018!

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