Digital Transformation


Digital Transformation, Tuesday 21 March 2017




Organisers opening remarks

Mr Goncalo Fernandes

Opening keynote: Get ready for a blockchain future

  • Applications for blockchain in telecoms – it’s not just about Bitcoin!
  • Disrupting traditional processes and creating secure, 100% reliable authentication
  • How next-gen blockchains will impact both operational and digital telecom services 
Mr David Lake

Let the Transformation begin

  • Where are we moving forward FROM?
  • The digital future is about the application of IT technology to solve business problems and opportunities
  • Both Operators and Enterprises can start NOW - there is no need to "rip-and-replace"
  • OSS/BSS proliferation/complexities are just another business problem which can be solved in the same manner
  • This is not an off-premise vs. on-premise discussion - both, and hybrid, exist
Panel discussion

Opening keynote panel: Creating “Telco 4.0”

  • Past vs present: how has the role of the telco evolved?
    • How do you see this changing in the next 5 years?
    • Going beyond dumb pipes – how can telcos become a full-fledged service-oriented provider?
    • Unlocking the value of an IoT economy - how can telcos monetize connectivity?
  • Embracing the start-up scene
    • What are the new partnership opportunities for telcos?
  • Leveraging new technologies to drive transformation and new collaborations
    • E.g the blockchain opportunity
  • Innovating in the age of disruption
  • Where are the new revenue sources? How can telcos leverage their existing capabilities to create niche or unique selling points?

Morning refreshments and exhibition viewing


Ms Isabelle Mauro

The impact of the digital transformation process on the telecoms industry

  • How should telcos change their operational models to fit the digital era?
  • What are the key talent gaps that leaders will need to fill or hone?
  • Surviving (and thriving in) the digital disruption
Panel discussion

Opening panel: Leading the digital revolution

  • How ready are telcos to go digital?
    • What are the existing challenges and how can telcos overcome them?
    • Getting buy-in from the boardroom for investment in data analytics
  • Designing a digital-first culture – how can the C-suite encourage this?
    • Retrofitting vs complete revamp
    • Don’t forget your customers
    • What are the metrics for success?
  • Creating a sustainable digital-oriented business
    • Can telcos afford to play the role of an all-encompassing provider?
    • Opening the doors to greater carrier collaboration 
Mr Robert Pike, Vice President, Head of Digital Retail, dtac TriNet Co., Ltd
Mr Allan T Rasmussen

Trends in Asia Pacific’s MVNO market

  • What’s driving MVNO growth in the region?
  • Where are new markets and opportunities?
  • Catering to the region’s diverse population – factors for success

The MVNO scoop: Opportunities in deeper collaboration

  • How has the relationship between MVNOs and MNOs evolved?
  • What are the opportunities in developing closer ties with MNOs?
    • Diversifying and increasing revenue streams
  • Working with the OTTs – how do you handle the dilemma of competing vs collaborating?
  • Creating an ecosystem of co-creation and co-competition

Lunch and exhibition viewing


Panel discussion


In order to compete with new Web and OTT players that are asset-light and enjoy greater operational flexibility, telcos have started their own innovation programmes to drive new waves of innovation and launched partnerships with startups to develop their own innovative services.
To what extent have these programmes been successful and what new services have been created?
In 15-minute case studies, we invite operators who’ve launched innovation programmes to share their success stories and key takeaways.
  • What are your focus areas in launching your investment unit?
    • Partnerships vs establishing your own fund - what are the pros and cons?
  • What kind of ROI are you expecting and how does this help drive new revenue sources?
  • Assessing progress – what are the key learning points so far and how do you see these partnership(s) evolving?
  • What is the rationale behind investing outside of the pure-play telco space?
Mr Nicko Widjaja

Case Study 2 - MDI Ventures (Telkom Indonesia)

Panel discussion

Closing Q&A: Ingredients for a successful unicorn-telco partnership

  • What are the areas that start-ups and telcos can collaborate on?
  • What are some of the foreseeable challenges, and how can they be overcome?
  • Staying one step ahead: what are the pros and cons of telcos setting up their own VC arm?


Mr Marin Ivezic

Preparing for tomorrow’s security challenges

  • What are the new threats and challenges facing our networks today
    • How can network owners increase resilience to attacks and network disruption
  • New privacy issues and implications to consider with overflowing customer data
  • Cybersecurity in the age of IoT – how can the industry address this collectively?
    • What are the new expectations that customers have of their service providers?
    • Are there new business opportunities for operators?
Panel discussion

Closing keynote panel: Formulating regulatory frameworks for the future – What do we want and when do we want it?

  • What are the emerging regulatory challenges on the horizon for APAC’s telecoms market?
  • Do existing regulatory frameworks reflect today’s business environment for the telco sector?
  • What are the changes required/ desired to support an open, collaborative ecosystem for telcos and content players?
  • APAC outlook: what are the pros and cons of standardising regulations across the region (i.e. similar to EU)?
    • What would be the challenges and do the benefits outweigh the costs?
    • Is this a necessary future in order to facilitate a robust regional digital economy?



Chairperson’s closing remarks and end of Day One

Evening Cocktail hosted by China Unicom Global

R Bar @ Renaissance Bangkok
Ratchaprasong Bangkok

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After Party hosted by CAT Telecom (by invite only)

Lotus Garden 
26th Floor, Centara Grand @ CentralWorld

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Digital Transformation, Wednesday 22 March 2017


Registration and morning refreshments


Chairperson’s opening remarks

Mr Ben King

Keynote address: Unlocking the value of Asia’s digital economy - a Google perspective

  • The 200B digital opportunity in SEA - three key drivers
    • E-commerce (with observations on current trends) 
    • Travel
    • Online Media (Advertising and Gaming)
  • SEA VC and Start-up Ecosystem 
    • Investment landscape
    • Challenges we need to overcome to realize the opportunity
  • Trends in digital content consumption
Govind Maheshwari

Keynote address: Creating an ecosystem for the digital future

  • Going beyond creating traditional telco assets
    • Rationale behind Globe Live and Globe Studios
  • Complementing the new digital native’s lifestyle
    • “The store is not just a store”
    • Catering to the Philippine market – what can telcos from other countries learn from Globe’s approach?
    • Ensuring network readiness to support rollout of new offerings
  • Engaging in strategic partnerships to offer innovative and new content experiences for customers

Morning refreshments and exhibition viewing


Mr Rick Zhen

Setting and implementing your big data strategy

  • How can telcos begin their big data journey
    • Where to start and what processes have to be in place?
  • Making sense of your data pools to minimize cost and maximise revenue streams
    • ​Where are the new opportunities that telcos can monetize their data and create new revenue lines
    • How can data analytics help telcos better plan their network and improve performance?
Mr Rick Zhen, Director, Data Science Consulting, DataSpark
Panel discussion

Data analytics panel: Using big data to enhance your customer’s digital experience

  • How can telcos make use of customer analytics to decide what new services to offer?
  • Delivering the ultimate personalised digital customer journey based on their behaviour
  • Security and privacy challenges
  • How do you see your use of analytics evolving as we move towards a connected devices ecosystem?
Panel discussion

Mobile-First Collaboration: Harness the power of VoLTE and HD Voice for Revenue/ARPU Expansion

  • Building a next-generation mobile collaboration exchange
  • Improving user experience and satisfaction through enhanced HD audio calling
  • Increasing ARPU and revenue through the introduction of a mobile-first C&C consumer offer
Mr Dan Hayes, Senior Director, Professional Services, PGi

Lunch and exhibition viewing


Mr Rob van den Dam

Getting it right: how can telcos build sustainable relationships with their customers?

  • Findings from IBM’s Global Consumer Survey 2016
  • What are telcos doing wrong in managing their customer experience? How can the industry fix this collectively?
    • What kind of technology investments should telcos be looking into to improve their customer experience?
  • Are there lessons that can be learnt from the OTT giants (e.g. Facebook, Apple, Google etc)
Mr Donald Chan

Going all-digital: Lessons from Singapore’s new MVNO

  • Thoughts behind choosing a full digital experience for customers
  • Do you foresee this pool of “digital-only” customers growing, or is a physical store still important?
  • What can traditional telcos learn from you?
Panel discussion

Customer Experience Panel: Serving the customer of 2020

  • What are today’s customers looking for from their service providers?
  • Ushering in the era of mass personalisation
    • How can you actively engage customers on their digital journey?
    • How are you creating an integrated omnichannel experience for your customers?
    • What are the challenges?
  • In an increasingly crowded marketplace, how can telcos continue to differentiate and retain customer mind space?
  • Beyond the NPS – are there better ways to measure customer satisfaction?


Panel discussion

Case Studies

As telcos seek to offer new services in order to make up for revenue decline in legacy services, and also cater to the needs of their customer, we look at some of the services that have been launched and assess the business models, in a bid to generate ROI.
In 15-minute presentations, we invite operators to share their journey in creating new service offerings.
  • How did you identify which/ what types of services to offer
    • Utilising your existing customer pool and capturing new audiences
  • How is your business model structured?
    • Collaborating with the OTTs
    • Timeline for achieving ROI
  • What were the challenges faced in implementation (e.g. regulatory, uptake rate etc)

Chairperson’s closing remarks and end of Telecoms World Asia 2017. See you in 2018!

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