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Telecom Opportunities in Turkey - Telecom Opportunities in Turkey

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Capitalising on opportunities in Turkey


The T in MINT is in for a rocky ride, is it still a great opportunity for the telecoms industry? One of the worlds’ fastest growing economies has seen a marked slowing in growth and S&P have recently cut their credit rating to negative; add in the heavy handed blocking of social media and video sites by the Turkish regulator and the outlook appears more challenging.

But on the other hand Turkcell are still proclaiming a fortune to be made from M2M and various NEP’s have announced recent deals in Turkey, so perhaps the outlook isn’t all doom and gloom.

This Total Telecom Briefing will bring together expert analysts and commentators to help you understand the landscape for business in Turkey, whilst a focused audience will enable you to build relationships with potential partners should you decide to explore the Turkish market further.

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7 reasons to attend

  • Understand the impact of recent events on the telecom industry, and explore future scenarios
  • Identify risks to your Turkish business, plan for them, and manage them effectively
  • Review end users demand and future opportunities
  • Evaluate investor viewpoints, where current investments stand, and the future outlook
  • Analyse the impact of the regulatory landscape
  • Network with peers operating in the region and share best practice for responding to factors outside of your control
  • Explore new opportunities moving forward given the rapidly changing business environment

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Who should attend?

  • Telecom operators and service providers
  • Network equipment providers and telecom software companies
  • Managed services
  • Hosting
  • Consultants
  • Finance and legal professionals

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