Zenzu Submarine LLC

Associate Sponsor

Zenzu Submarine is an ultra-wholesale developer and operator of submarine cable systems. We focus on the design, development, and operation of the cable; we aggregate demand on a given path to minimize costs; and we presell the entire cable prior to construction. We sell fiber pairs to tenants on an open-book, cost-plus basis and tenants only pay for the segments that they actually utilize. 

During the development stage, we manage the vendors and oversee the construction and deployment process, tying all payments, both tenant and vendor, to construction and deployment milestones. After RFS, we operate and maintain the cable systems on cost-plus basis through end-of-life. We are also committed to ensuring that all shared landings are in open data center facilities to ensure unfettered, low cost access to capacity on the cable systems. 

Cables under development currently include: Artimon, a northern Trans-Atlantic cable between the United States and Europe; Benguela, connecting Southern, Western, and Northern Africa to Europe; Challenger, bridging the West Coast of Latin America with the United States; and Discovery connecting Singapore, India, and France via Southwest Asia, the Middle East, and the Mediterranean.