Southern Cross Cable Network

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Southern Cross has been a principal supplier of high quality, redundant international capacity solutions in the Oceania region for over 15 years. Southern Cross products and services are built upon the key principles of redundant network design, innovative product development, and strong customer relationships, and define performance and availability statistics that are world class.
Building upon the current robust network, Southern Cross has recently announced the Southern Cross NEXT Programme which is committed to constructing a new submarine cable route between Australia, New Zealand and the United States of America, to augment the current topology, along with a strategic intent to construct a second redundant route (NEXT Phase 2) prior to the retirement of the existing Southern Cross 1 & 2 systems in 2030.
The Southern Cross NEXT route is currently designed to be the lowest latency route between Sydney, Australia and Los Angeles in the United States. This new route along with our existing systems as part of the overall Southern Cross eco-system will underpin Southern Cross’ capability to continue to provide the highest quality and most reliable submarine cable services in the Oceania region.
Capacity customers of Southern Cross and the Southern Cross NEXT project will be able to take advantage of the benefits such a meshed network design can bring. The Southern Cross NEXT project is also being designed to seamlessly interconnect with the existing 15 cable station and data-centre locations across Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, Hawaii and the US West Coast currently accessible by Southern Cross.