Global Transit Communications Sdn Bhd

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Global Transit is a fast growing telecommunication company specializing in regional connectivity and stands as a gateway to the world. As part of its vision to broaden scope of its service reach, GTC has expanded its international footprint with major points-of-presence in Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan, Europe, Cambodia and the US (still growing), and also procured access several submarine cable systems such as Unity cable system and the EAC-C2C cable system. GTC has also secured multiple ten (10) Gbps capacity connecting Malaysia and Singapore which enbales GTC to offer competitive international bandwidth services to Malaysia as well as the rest of the world. In the last three (03) years of operations,  GTC has secured contracts with carrieres, mobile operators and ISPs based in Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Taiwan, Philippines, China, Hong Kong and Mynamar, and sold more then 280G. To-date, GTC has more then one hundred (140) companies using its services, the bulk of whom are service providers.

From the  humble beginnings of a network capable of a mere 3 Gigabits per second (Gbps), GTC has grown its's IP Network to an admirable 20Gbps capable network in less than 5 years. Domestically, we have expanded our presence and reach to several states in the country with our corenetwork focuses in the Klang Valley, which is supported by a 30Gbps ring. Our domestic Points of Presence (PoPs) are typically located in areas of high internet access requirements such as Data Centers and Industrial Parks earmarked for economic growth. 
In 2012, a move to provide greater service and value to our customers, we have joined the TIME dotCom Berhad (“TIME”) group. We are now part of the second largest and fastest growing fixed line telecommunications network and solutions provider in Malaysia. This makes us fully assible the most robust transborder terrestrial system ; CPCS (CROSS PENISULAR CABLE SYSTEM) a fully meshed network over five diverse routes transversing more than 6,000km of dedicated optic fibre.  With 5 dedicated fibre routes running along both coasts of Malaysia, its designed to provide the ultimate in physical path protection and up to 99.999% availability.

Currently GTC is involved in another two major submarine projects with global partners that will help boost its submarine cable transit capacity to Japan, South Korea and the United States and pushes it to become a serious alternative player that is able to compete with incumbent Telekom Malaysia Berhad (TM).  Our move to join as consortium member of the Asia-Pacific Gateway (APG) gives it a complete sub-sea fibre network footprint to capture the high growth bandwidth demand in Asia. The APG cable originates from Malaysia to Japan and South Korea, therby reducing Malaysia's dependence on Singapore as a main gateway and making Malaysia's 1st landing station as an alternative gateway to connect direct to North Asia and the United States. And our most recent cable is the Faster Cable System,which provides a new alternative route for Transpacific cable. Global Transit being part of the readily part of UNITY consortium members, Faster Cable System now compliments our existing Unity Cable System.