Yves Ruggeri | Chairman
ACE Consortium | France

Yves Ruggeri, Chairman, ACE Consortium

Seasoned executive with more than 30 years of experience in the telecommunications field, Yves is the founder of RGConsulting -which specializes strategy, deployment and governance of submarine cables, and Chairman of the Management Committee of ACE (Africa Coast to Europe), among the most challenging cables being deployed along the West Africa Coast. Since 2013, Yves is President of the SubOptic association. Previously Vice President of Submarine Systems Strategy & Business Development in Orange, he chaired SeaMeWe 3 from 2006 to 2017, and led the modernization of the longest submarine cable in the world up to now. Yves also chaired the Management Committee of MECMA (maintenance zone for the Mediterranean Sea). Prior to his engagement in the international network and submarine cable domain, he was  elected to the highly influential position as Chairman of R&D group of the European Telecommunications Network Operators Association, and succeeded in defending telecom carriers' interests towards the European Union requirements. Yves is a member of the EPlTA Scientific Advisory Board » School.“ for computer science and advanced technologies in Paris.


Conference Day Two @ 13:40

Panel: Financing tomorrow’s cables

  • Financing now vs then: how has it changed and what are the new trends that have emerged?
    • How are today’s financial markets creating an environment to promote subsea investment?
    • Examining the renewed/emerging interest from new financiers – what’s in it for them?
  • (for financiers) What criteria are you evaluating before making an investment decision?
  • How have cable operators/owners improved in structuring their finances in order to achieve project success? What are the areas that can be improved or made easier?
  • Looking ahead: how will tomorrow’s cables be financed?

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