Widjajanto Budi S | Vice President, Product Management
PT Telekomunikasi Indonesia International - Telin | Indonesia

Widjajanto Budi S, Vice President, Product Management, PT Telekomunikasi Indonesia International - Telin

In my current position as VP Product Management at Telkom Indonesia International (TELIN), I'm responsible for managing TELIN's product profitability, from international voice, global connectivity, Internet and mobility services. My role includes managing TELIN's global partners to deliver global services, and to assist 10 TELIN Footrpints to offer a competitive scheme and model to revamp Footprints' current product portfolio.

I joined TELIN in November 2015, after finishing my tenure in Telekominkasi Selular Indonesia for 3 years where I was responsible for domestic interconnect and international roaming services. 

Formalyl I trained as an engineer where I went to Institut Superieru de l'Aeronatutique et de l'Espace in Toulouse France in 1998 for my degree in Space Engineering. I also joined INSEAD in Fontainebleau Paris for taking courses in Strategic Managment in 2015. 

I was a member of Study Group 11 ITU-T (International Telecommunications Union) in 1995 to help support the international standard of Signaling number 7 and Intelligent Network Services. I was also active to proxy my CMO in BRIDGE alliance to develop strategy and go to market approach for international roaming for BRIDGE's member of operators.


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