Tony Mosley | Director Business Development
Ocean Specialists Inc. | Guam

Tony Mosley, Director Business Development, Ocean Specialists Inc.

Tony specializes in Telecommunications Operations specifically in Wireless, Wireline, Broadband and Wholesale markets.

Tony has been in the Telecommunications industry for 25 years having worked for MCI International, GTE International and Verizon Business as a General Manager of a full-service telecommunications company, Micronesian Telecommunications Corp.  Tony is currently operating as Director of Business Development and Project manager for OSI building the ATISA  submarine cable system between Guam and the Northern Marianas Islands for Docomo Pacific.  

He has developed insightful skills from managing numerous products and services to include wireless, wireline, IPTV, wholesale, voice, data, managed services colocation and submarine cables. 
Tony led the sale of a Verizon Business telecommunications property overseas from the initial business case through the regulatory FCC and DHS Team telecommunications approval process.  Following the sale of the business unit, he became the Chief Operating Officer of the company and a member of the Pacific Telecom Inc. Board of Directors, he provided corporate direction and oversight to a full-service operating telecommunications company.

Has been a member of PTC and PITA since 1998 and 2001 respectively. 
Tony was in the US Navy and was the Officer in Charge of the US Navy Office in Singapore as a Lieutenant Commander in the Supply Corps.


Conference Day One @ 16:55

Closing Panel: Evaluating the business of an “Open Network”

  • The definition of “open” – is there an industry standard that we can agree on?
  • To open or not open: assessing the pros and cons of adopting an open cable system
    • Are open systems for everyone? Will there be cases where it’s not feasible and/or necessary? What will those be?
  • Commercial considerations in opting for the open network model
    • What are the foreseeable business opportunities with the adoption of open submarine networks? What are the implications when combined with a more advanced terrestrial network?
    • Consortium vs private cable management of open networks: how will this differ and what would be the challenges that each party would face?
    • How can operators best manage vendor responsibility with multiple vendors on one network; what can vendors do to help?

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