Tim Stuch | Global Optical Architect
Facebook | United States

Tim Stuch, Global Optical Architect, Facebook

Tim Stuch is a Global Optical Architect for Facebook where he is part of the Subsea team. Currently he is working on pushing the envelope forward in the subsea space to help people and communities around the world connect. Working on subsea for the last 10 years, Tim has been designing, deploying, and operating IP and transport networks for 20 years with companies like Bay Networks, Nortel, Ciena, and Microsoft. Tim received his B.S. Physics from Guilford College and his Physics Ph.D. from the University of Denver.


Day Two @ 09:40

Keynote Network Design Panel: Building the networks of tomorrow

  • What are the new network topologies to handle massive-scale and unpredictable traffic demands?
  • Convergence of terrestrial, submarine and cloud technologieso What are the new technologies enabling changes in network architecture? What benefits can cable operators gain from the application of these new technologies to network designs?
  • Flexible ROADM networks: What are the new aspects of commissioning, operation and maintenance?
  • How can we architect new technologies into the network with ownership requirements that different investors want (consortium vs co-builds)?
  • Software-defined networking – What new consumption models and differential service offerings will be created with SDN-led networks?

Day Two @ 14:15

Open cable contract specifications on testing and acceptance

  • Implementing an open set of acceptance criteria – What are the standardized specifications and measurement procedures in an open cable contract?
  • What are the critical parameters to mitigate risk from a purchaser perspective?
  • Developing a SLTE-agnostic way to test, accept and commission the wet plant
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