Dr Steve Grubb | Global Optical Architect
Facebook | United States

Dr Steve Grubb, Global Optical Architect, Facebook

Dr. Grubb is currently a Global Optical Architect at Facebook, overseeing the build of several new open submarine cable systems and introducing new optical technologies for Facebooks global network.  Prior to Facebook, he was a Fellow at Infinera where for 14 years he directed work on next generation Photonic Integrated optical and network technologies. Dr. Grubb was also responsible for the first commercial introduction of Raman amplifiers in fiber networks. He demonstrated and patented several unique laser and amplifier devices while at Bell Labs, including the cascaded Raman resonator. He has held positions at Corvis, SDL and AT&T/Lucent Bell Laboratories.  Dr. Grubb has over 100 published papers and conference contributions and over 75 issued US Patents

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