Dr Steve Grubb | Global Optical Architect
Facebook | United States

Dr Steve Grubb, Global Optical Architect, Facebook

Dr. Grubb is currently a Global Optical Architect at Facebook, overseeing the build of several new open submarine cable systems and introducing new optical technologies for Facebooks global network.  Prior to Facebook, he was a Fellow at Infinera where for 14 years he directed work on next generation Photonic Integrated optical and network technologies. Dr. Grubb was also responsible for the first commercial introduction of Raman amplifiers in fiber networks. He demonstrated and patented several unique laser and amplifier devices while at Bell Labs, including the cascaded Raman resonator. He has held positions at Corvis, SDL and AT&T/Lucent Bell Laboratories.  Dr. Grubb has over 100 published papers and conference contributions and over 75 issued US Patents


Conference Day One @ 09:55

Keynote Panel: Cables for a changing tomorrow

  • Relooking at business models – how effective is the traditional consortium model in today’s business climate?
    • Private vs consortium pros and cons: will we see a new business model emerging?
    • Who will build the next generation of cables? What will this mean for carriers
    • Which routes/regions can we expect a boom in new builds and growth in bandwidth consumption?
  • Addressing the changing face of the market
    • What do today’s customers want from cable operators/owners? How are we trying to meet their expectations?
    • How does that affect what operators and owners want from their suppliers?
  • Planning for tomorrow
    • How can we best plan to mitigate the risk imposed by permitting delays or capacity shortfalls?

Conference Day Two @ 09:20

Keynote network design panel: New network topologies for a next-gen Internet

  • What are some of the new network topologies that we should start considering to accommodate the expected boom in bandwidth consumption
    • Are there lessons to be taken from terrestrial network architectures?
    • Are there new solutions that will enable these changes in network architecture and how can cable owners balance the cost-benefit relationship in investing in such solutions? 
  • Designing for maintainability – how can we improve so as to reduce upgrade and maintenance cycles
  • Managing ROADMs – how can we improve on reliability and reduce risk?
  • Improving interoperability for software defined systems – how can equipment vendors work better to support fast provisioning of capacity?

Conference Day Two @ 11:15

With greater capacity comes great(er) costs? - Managing cost limitations with increments in capacity

  • What are the existing challenges that come with increasing capacity limits of today’s subsea networks? (e.g. maintaining power efficiency)
  • Takeaways from Nokia-Facebook PCS trial
    • How will this drive down pressure on overall operations and construction cost?
  • What do you hope to see from supplier offerings?

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