Russ Matulich | Chief Executive Officer
RTI | United States

Russ Matulich, Chief Executive Officer, RTI

Russ Matulich is the Chief Executive Officer of RTI. Matulich is a proven leader with a strong track record leading and advising global telecommunications companies. Recently, Matulich served in a consulting role in the Asia Pacific region providing advisory services across a variety of areas including helping firms to evaluate proposed undersea cable builds, leading network acquisition negotiations, and executing undersea cable strategies.
Previously, from January 2002 to December 2010, Matulich was Managing Director, Asia Pacific Region for TE SubCom (formerly Tyco Telecommunications) where he and his team consistently outperformed their competitors, facilitating various cables between China and US, Japan and the US, inside of Asia and origination from Australia. Those cables were valued at approximately $2 billion and include TPE, Unity, PPC-1 and SJC. Matulich earned a bachelor’s degree in management and a master’s degree in business administration from St. Mary's College of California.


Conference Day One @ 09:55

Keynote Panel: Cables for a changing tomorrow

  • Relooking at business models – how effective is the traditional consortium model in today’s business climate?
    • Private vs consortium pros and cons: will we see a new business model emerging?
    • Who will build the next generation of cables? What will this mean for carriers
    • Which routes/regions can we expect a boom in new builds and growth in bandwidth consumption?
  • Addressing the changing face of the market
    • What do today’s customers want from cable operators/owners? How are we trying to meet their expectations?
    • How does that affect what operators and owners want from their suppliers?
  • Planning for tomorrow
    • How can we best plan to mitigate the risk imposed by permitting delays or capacity shortfalls?

Conference Day One @ 12:51

Hong Kong – Guam

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