Nigel Irvine | Director of Permitting
Deep Blue Cable | Saint Lucia

Nigel Irvine, Director of Permitting, Deep Blue Cable

Nigel has over 28 years’ experience of working in the marine environment, on survey and cable installation operations, as well as undertaking environmental assessments and permitting programmes, and in managing submarine cable system project builds and upgrades.
He also has experience on global cable maintenance agreements and in company representation to national and international cable industry bodies, being ICPC Vice Chairman.  With a Masters in Marine Resource Management and a Diploma from the Rhodes Academy of Oceans Law and Policy, following 10 years with Verizon he joined Deep Blue Cable, as Director of Permitting based in Saint Lucia in 2017.


Pre-Conference Day @ 11:05

Part Three: Best practices in permit acquisition

  • What are the key drivers of successful permit acquisition?
  • What impact does permitting delays have on the project timescales and costs?
  • Practical solutions in managing permitting delays

Pre-Conference Day @ 11:35

Part Four: Closing Panel & Q&A

  • Perspectives from stakeholders – How can the industry collaborate to manage the permitting process?
    • Building close collaboration between Purchaser and Supplier?
    • What are the critical success factors of permit acquisition?
    • Key lessons learnt from prior experience
last published: 24/Sep/18 11:15 GMT

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