Nanang Hendarno | Chief Technology Officer
PT Telekomunikasi Indonesia International - Telin | Indonesia

Nanang Hendarno, Chief Technology Officer, PT Telekomunikasi Indonesia International - Telin

Mr Nanang Hendarno graduated from the Institut Teknologi Sepiluh with a degree in Electrical Engineering and holds a Master Degree of Space Engineering from Delft Univerity of Technology in Netherlands.
He was appointed as TELIN's commissioner in December 2015 and also serves as EGM Service Operations at Telkom (TELIN's parent company). He currently serves as Director of Network & Information Technology at TELIN


Conference Day Two @ 09:20

Keynote network design panel: New network topologies for a next-gen Internet

  • What are some of the new network topologies that we should start considering to accommodate the expected boom in bandwidth consumption
    • Are there lessons to be taken from terrestrial network architectures?
    • Are there new solutions that will enable these changes in network architecture and how can cable owners balance the cost-benefit relationship in investing in such solutions? 
  • Designing for maintainability – how can we improve so as to reduce upgrade and maintenance cycles
  • Managing ROADMs – how can we improve on reliability and reduce risk?
  • Improving interoperability for software defined systems – how can equipment vendors work better to support fast provisioning of capacity?

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