Masahiro Soma | Chief Technology Officer
RTI Connectivity | United States

Masahiro Soma, Chief Technology Officer, RTI Connectivity

Masahiro Soma is the Chief Technology Officer of RTI. Prior to RTI, Soma was a director of International Network & Service Development Department at SoftBank in charge of planning and implementation of international network for the company, including international voice network, global IP backbone as well as submarine cable projects.
From 2006 to 2015 prior to RTI, Soma has worked as UPG Chair for the Japan-US cable and made significant achievements in system upgrades by introducing latest technologies from time to time making the system design capacity more than 10 times of the original design, and also recently chaired the New J-US cable prior to him resigning that post to join RTI.   In the construction stage of Japan-US cable, Soma served as TWG chair from 1998 at the beginning to the conclusion of the project in 2004.  Soma also served as technical consultant for AJC during planning and construction phases, then served as a member of a board of directors at AJC Holding Limited and its subsidiaries.  During 20 years experience in the submarine cable industry, he has been representing SoftBank in the management committees (“MC”) of numerous cable projects, such as APC, APCN, APCN2, China-US, KJCN, TAT-11 to 14, etc., as well as serving as MC chair for J-US.  Overall, Soma has had a long and distinguished career in the undersea cable industry and his accomplishments are well known inside the industry and around the globe.  Soma earned a bachelor’s degree as well as a master’s degree in engineering from University of Tsukuba.


Conference Day Two @ 13:55

Case Study – Testing methods for OSNR in open systems

  • Acceptance testing – where to begin?
  • What are the metrics to be agreed on (OSNR, gain profile, bandwidth etc) and what are (or will be) the challenges in coming to an industry standard?

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