Mahesh Jaishankar | Vice President of International Connectivity & Infrastructure
du | United Arab Emirates

Mahesh Jaishankar, Vice President of International Connectivity & Infrastructure, du

Mahesh Jaishankar is the Vice President - International Connectivity and Infrastructure at du, the integrated telecom service provider in the UAE, where he leads the development of du’s global Infrastructure which includes investments in Submarine Cables and datacenters worldwide.   He was also instrumental and lead the development of datamena - the carrier neutral ICT hub in UAE.
Mahesh has over 20 years of experience in the Telecom & IT industry in the Middle East and India, where he has successfully led the Strategy, Business development, sales & marketing and product management of a wide range of telecom products and services.  .  
Mahesh holds a Bachelor of Engineering degree in Electronics and Communications and an MBA in Information Technology from University of Leicester.


Conference Day Two @ 14:40

Panel discussion: The era of land and sea convergence

  • How are today’s demands for connectivity, resiliency and 24/7 availability affecting the way we build and locate data centres?
    • Where are the new data hubs or regional hubs of connectivity that are being developed today?
  • How does this affect the way today’s networks are designed and deployed?
    • How are technologies such as SDN changing the way bandwidth is consumed and in turn co-location pricing models?
    • What are the physical and/or commercial constraints of extending the submarine network further inland?
  • How can the subsea cable owners and data centre operators work cohesively in facilitating the new digital economy?
    • What are the foreseeable challenges (e.g. regulatory) and how can they be overcome?

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