Keith Shaw | Vice President Business Development EMEA
EQUINIX | Netherlands

Keith Shaw, Vice President Business Development EMEA, EQUINIX

Mr. Shaw is a unique senior International Telecommunication Specialist who earned his post-graduate qualifications in electronics, telecommunications, business, marketing, and management, and has over 30 years of experiences in the field of technology, business development and sales.

As the current Vice President of EMEA of Equinix, one of the world's largest International Business Exchange (IBX) data center and colocation provider
Mr. Shaw has rich experiences with Subsea Builds, Business Ecosystems, Cloud Services, Colocation, Data Exchange, Data Security, International Business Exchange (IBX®) Data Centers, Internet Content, and Infrastructure, Interconnection Oriented Architecture, and more.  
Mr. Shaw specializes particularly in Subsea, the deployment of Network Service Providers into the Equinix Cloud Exchange, the collaboration with the key Cloud Providers (e.g. Amazon, Microsoft and Google), the expansion of the footprint of Network Service Providers to new markets in the Equinix Footprint, as well as the location and acquisition of new facilities in new markets.

Having worked previously in Hong Kong, Johannesburg, the Middle East, and London, Mr. Shaw is currently based in Amsterdam


Day Two @ 15:10

Panel: Redefining the meaning of hubs – how are new players changing the Internet’s topology?

  • How are new players driving the decentralization of the Internet infrastructure?
  • How are data centres adapting to the evolving needs of their major customer groups?
  • Where are the new data hubs or regional hubs of connectivity being developed today?
  • How can cable owners and data centre operators collaborate to deliver more benefits beyond operational efficiency?o Is there a move towards offering an integrated product? How can cable deployment be adapted to enhance data centre infrastructure?o How can we better align the build timeline of subsea cables with that of data centres?
  • What are the opportunities arising from an intensification of a data centre centric, global network topology?
last published: 21/Sep/18 03:45 GMT

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