Joerg Schwartz | Senior Vice President, Turnkey Systems
Xtera | United Kingdom

Joerg Schwartz, Senior Vice President, Turnkey Systems, Xtera

Joerg is responsible for Xtera’s turnkey business activities which is delivering end-to-end subsea solutions by combining the company’s innovative equipment portfolio with extensive submarine systems engineering and project execution expertise. As part of his role he has involved the successful delivery of various submarine systems by Xtera over the last few years. Prior to that he established and managed the company’s Systems Engineering group. Other previous experience includes Management, Strategy, and Engineering roles at Ericsson and Alcatel. He also founded a technology company and served as an editor for technical publications.


Conference Day One @ 14:00

Panel: Building cables systems at a lower cost, how much are you willing to give up?

  • Comparing what customers want today vs before – how much has (or hasn’t) changed?
    • Given that the economic lifespan of a cable system isn’t always for ≥25 years, do we have a stronger case today for building cables with a shorter technical lifespan?
  • (for buyers) What options are you currently exploring with your suppliers in looking to drive down costs of new cable builds
    • What are the technical capabilities or specifications you would be willing to give up in order to achieve a lower price?
  • Are our cables currently being engineered beyond what today’s customers want/need?
    • (for suppliers) Building for cheaper - Are there ways to reduce the costs of a cable build? What are they and by how much can the overall cost be realistically reduced?
  • How can suppliers continue to innovate and push the boundaries of what’s possible?
    • What are some ways supplier can collaborate with buyers on this?

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