Jean-Sébastien Tassé | Product Line Manager
EXFO | Canada

Jean-Sébastien Tassé, Product Line Manager, EXFO

Jean-Sébastien Tassé has more than 15 years of experience in sales and marketing for technological companies. He currently holds the position of product line manager in EXFO’s optical business unit, where he oversees the business strategy, roadmap and launch strategy of the optical spectrum analyzer and dispersion product lines. He also has global responsibility for business development in the submarine networks market segment. He began his career as sales engineer for Gentec Electro-Optics, where he was responsible for direct and channel sales in specific regions of Americas, Asia and Europe. As business development manager - industry for the Thin Film Research Laboratory of Ecole Polytechnique / University of Montreal, he generated a tremendous revenue growth in analytical services for companies.  He holds a bachelor's degree in engineering physics and a master’s degree in electrical engineering (optics) from Université Laval, Canada.


Day One @ 15:10

The Always-On Value Chain: Best Practices in Designing and Deploying Resilient Submarine Networks

    nsumers and businesses rely increasingly on the cloud for critical content and applications, resiliency and performance take on critical importance in network design. In today's hyper-connected world, always-on connectivity is a foundational driver of economic productivity. This panel features experts from across the industry value chain to discuss best practices in designing and implementing highly resilient networks.
  • Using satellite-based communication technology as a redundancy option - will we see heavier reliance in future?
  • Are there new technologies or processes that will help address vulnerabilities and improve network resilience?
  • What improvements can be made to cable and repeater design, route planning and installation methods to improve network resiliency?
  • Achieving cost-efficiency - how should capital expenditure on diversity be targeted accordingly?

Day Two @ 14:00

Strategies to optimize subsea network performance and prepare for the 400G wave

Subsea network performance involves maximizing KPIs such as capacity and latency, as well as optimizing reliability.This presentation will cover fiber monitoring, a key solution used to optimize restoration times after a fiber cut on the continental shelf, where most cuts occur due to ships and human activities. We will also discuss 400G client-side testing, —the next step in subsea networking’s race for speed.
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