Jas Dhooper | Vice President, Service Delivery
Huawei Marine Networks | China

Jas Dhooper, Vice President, Service Delivery, Huawei Marine Networks

Jas Dhooper has over 25 years’ experience in the Submarine & Service Provider Telecom Sectors. Currently serving as, VP Service Delivery Office for Huawei Marine Networks (HMN) in China. He has set up global capability to successfully deliver large scale multi-million dollar telecommunications complex programs, building multi-culture teams within ASIA, Middle East and European regions. He is also responsible for key business development initiatives and strategy within the organisation.

Jas also has held a number of senior management roles and technical positions in the operator side working for Energis UK, Cable & Wireless (now Vodafone) and Interoute Communications since the mid-1990s and Global Marine Systems.  In addition, Jas gained early expertise in Subsea working for STC submarine systems then moving into Alcatel Submarine Networks. During this period, Jas gained operational and technical experience in the design and implementation of several transatlantic systems and worked on cable installation vessels.

Jas holds a Master of Business Administration (MBA), engineering honours degree from London University and has published several papers in the field of Telecommunications. He is a Chartered engineer, a Fellow member of the IET and member of the Institute of Directors, UK.


Conference Day One @ 14:00

Panel: Building cables systems at a lower cost, how much are you willing to give up?

  • Comparing what customers want today vs before – how much has (or hasn’t) changed?
    • Given that the economic lifespan of a cable system isn’t always for ≥25 years, do we have a stronger case today for building cables with a shorter technical lifespan?
  • (for buyers) What options are you currently exploring with your suppliers in looking to drive down costs of new cable builds
    • What are the technical capabilities or specifications you would be willing to give up in order to achieve a lower price?
  • Are our cables currently being engineered beyond what today’s customers want/need?
    • (for suppliers) Building for cheaper - Are there ways to reduce the costs of a cable build? What are they and by how much can the overall cost be realistically reduced?
  • How can suppliers continue to innovate and push the boundaries of what’s possible?
    • What are some ways supplier can collaborate with buyers on this?

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