Hiromitsu Todokoro | Senior Advisor, Submarine Cable Planning
KDDI Corporation | Japan

Hiromitsu Todokoro, Senior Advisor, Submarine Cable Planning, KDDI Corporation

Hiromitsu Todokoro joined KDD (currently KDDI) in 1980. As the leader of submarine cable planning in KDDI, he has been involved in founding new submarine cables including Russia-Japan Cable Network (RJCN), UNITY, South East Asia - Japan Cable (SJC),  the FASTER Cable System and most recently, SJC2. As the Expert Group Chairman of UNITY, he led several stages of upgrade to make use of it to the ultimate capacity both from spectrum sharing scheme among parties and contract with vendors.

He chaired several submarine cables’ Management Committees including APCN2 from 2007-2008, Unity from 2008-2009 and from 2014-2015 and is the current chairman of FASTER MC.  Hiromitsu holds an MSc from Imperial College, London and Bachelor of Liberal Arts (International Relations) from the University of Tokyo.


Day Two @ 11:45

Panel: Assessing the upgrades market in a data-driven future

  • What is the current market dynamic of the wavelength upgrades market?
  • Which regions have been affected most by upgrades?
  • [Cable Owners] What are the key factors when considering the extension of cable lifespan?
  • While upgrades give system owners a cost-effective way to remain competitive, what is the limit to upgrades?
  • How compatible will the new 150G, 200G and 400G wavelength technologies be with existing systems?
  • Do you foresee any new technologies or techniques that would enable the industry to leapfrog today’s capabilities?o Next-gen coherent and SLTE technologies – what can we expect?
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