Dr Hidenori Takahashi | Manager, Submarine Cable Planning and Engineering Section
KDDI Corporation | Japan

Dr Hidenori Takahashi, Manager, Submarine Cable Planning and Engineering Section, KDDI Corporation

Dr. Takahashi joined KDD R&D Laboratories Inc. (currently KDDI Research, Inc.) in 2000. He has worked in advanced optical fiber transmission technologies, especially for highly spectrally efficient transmission system with digital coherent technologies and high capacity system using multicore fiber. From late 2012 to present, he is a member of the Submarine Cable Planning and Engineering Section in Global Network Engineering and Operations Center of KDDI Corporation. He is in charge of a technical side of procurement and upgrade works for submarine cable systems as Manager. He has been involved in some cable systems such as APCN2, Unity, RJCN and FASTER, etc. From 2016, he also has an assignment at Photonic Transport Network Laboratory of KDDI Research, Inc. as R&D Manager for realizing the future technologies of high-capacity and long-distance optical fiber transmission systems.


Conference Day Two @ 11:30

Panel: Going beyond today’s subsea capacity transmission limits for tomorrow’s Internet

  • Evaluating what we have vs what we need – how are today’s hardware capabilities holding up?
  • Creating the new normal – how much can we continue to push the physical limits of capacity transmission? What is key?
  • Programming smarter, more agile and flexible networks – how can we leapfrog today’s capabilities after physical potential is completely exhausted?
    • Next-gen coherent technology – what can we expect (or hope for) with advancements in technology?
    • Assessing the feasibility of the space-division-multiplexing technique for submarine cable systems
    • The case for network disaggregation to create greater scalability and flexibility – what are the commercial implications for cable operators/owners?
  • Maximising the potential of virtualised networks  

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