Fabrice Coquio | Managing Director, France
Interxion | France

Fabrice Coquio, Managing Director, France, Interxion

Fabrice became Managing Director of Interxion France when the subsidiary opened in October 1999, and since 2011 has been President of Interxion France.  He began his career in 1987 at Anatel as Director of Marketing and Sales. Then he joined Sagem in 1988 where he was Sales Manager for Africa, and Export Manager for Europe and Asia, before being appointed head of the UK subsidiary which he launched in 1996.  Fabrice holds a Masters degree in Business Law and Tax Law, and graduated from ESLSCA (Ecole Supérieure Libre des Sciences Commerciales Appliquées).


Conference Day Two @ 14:25

Facilitating an off-the-shelf cable landing system & permit in Marseille

Faced with the growth of data traffic and the need for higher network performances, the demand for submarine cable systems is steadily increasing. In response to this trend, Interxion and GPMM share a common goal towards the development of cable landing facilities in Marseille. GPMM acts as a neutral facilitator towards a pre-equipped and pre-authorized landing stations in the Marseille harbor area. By doing so, operators or consortium members could benefit from a neutral “ready to equip” infrastructure, with a pre-authorized permit already provided by the French authorities. In addition to save time, this solution allows an easy implementation in a secure and reliable environment managed with highly operational excellence standards. Mrs Cabau, Port of Marseille Fos CEO and Fabrice Coquio, President of Interxion France, offer to make a presentation of this project and to explain how Marseille has now become a strategic gateway for cable system operators

Conference Day Two @ 14:40

Panel discussion: The era of land and sea convergence

  • How are today’s demands for connectivity, resiliency and 24/7 availability affecting the way we build and locate data centres?
    • Where are the new data hubs or regional hubs of connectivity that are being developed today?
  • How does this affect the way today’s networks are designed and deployed?
    • How are technologies such as SDN changing the way bandwidth is consumed and in turn co-location pricing models?
    • What are the physical and/or commercial constraints of extending the submarine network further inland?
  • How can the subsea cable owners and data centre operators work cohesively in facilitating the new digital economy?
    • What are the foreseeable challenges (e.g. regulatory) and how can they be overcome?

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