Doug Madory | Director of Internet Analysis
Dyn | United States

Doug Madory, Director of Internet Analysis, Dyn

Doug Madory is the Director of Internet Analysis at Dyn (formerly Renesys) where he works on Internet infrastructure analysis. In a recent profile, The Washington Post dubbed him “The Man who can see the Internet" for his reputation in identifying significant developments in the global layout of the Internet. Doug is regularly quoted by major news outlets (including The New York Times, NPR's All Things Considered, and NBC Evening News) about developments ranging from national Internet blackouts to BGP hijacks to transoceanic submarine cables. Prior to Dyn, Doug held positions such as chief of computer security for Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center, senior research engineer at BAE Systems, and communications officer in the US Air Force. He holds computer engineering degrees from the University of Virginia and Dartmouth College.


Conference Day One @ 14:50

Security issues today and tomorrow – what can we do about them?

  • What are the new threats facing the Internet today vs before? 
    • Takeaways from 2016 DDOS attack – how can we better protect our Internet traffic 
  • Physical threats to our submarine cables
    • Review of recent cable cuts/breaks and the need for greater resiliency
    • How does this impact the need for new cables?    
  • What are the new security considerations to take note of as we move towards more open and accessible network architectures?

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