Brett Lay | President
RTI Connectivity | United States

Brett Lay, President, RTI Connectivity

A seasoned successful telecom/data center business executive with 30 years of operating experience including 17 years as a Chief Financial Officer for both private and public companies.  Over 20 years of work experience in Asia while residing in Singapore and Hong Kong. Chief Financial Officer, Pacnet/Asia Netcom/Pacific Internet 2007-2015.  Chief Financial Officer, Pihana Pacific 1999-2003. Chief Financial Officer Asia Pacific, MediaOne Group 1997-1999.  Currently a board member of Weyland Tech Inc. an OTC listed software technology company.


Day One @ 09:20

Keynote Panel: Looking towards the future of the subsea cable industry

  • Meeting global capacity demando As the world continues to consume increasing amounts of data driving the demand for bandwidth, can the submarine cable industry meet the infrastructure needs of the digital economy? How sustainable is the infrastructure growth rate?o Which routes/regions will see an increase in new builds and bandwidth consumption?
  • Changing profile of system ownership and customer baseo With the growing presence of internet content and cloud service giants, what does this mean for carriers and the traditional business models?o How will new demands change the ownership economics and how owners are buying from suppliers? How will this shape contracting models?
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