Bertrand Guiot | Head of Global Infrastructure and Projects, Asia Pacific
Natixis | Hong Kong

Bertrand Guiot, Head of Global Infrastructure and Projects, Asia Pacific, Natixis

Bertrand Guiot has been with Natixis since 2012, first in Montreal and most recently in Sydney as Head of Global Infrastructure & Projects, Australia. He recently relocated to Hong Kong for his new role. 
Bertrand has been involved in a number of complex and innovating financing transactions as Financial Advisor, notably in the telecom and renewable energy sectors, MLA and bond underwriter.
Bertrand is responsible for overseeing Natixis’ infrastructure, project and export finance businesses for the region. He has over 20 years’ experience across Asia Pacific, Europe and North America. Prior to Natixis, he held structured finance roles at Dexia and numerous business development positions in Europe in the telecoms industry. He has a Master’s degree in Business and Finance from ESC Lille.


Day Two @ 14:00

Critical factors in securing investor funding

  • Newly available financing structuring options
  • Key factors in securing financial investors funding
  • Pros and cons of available funding options

Day Two @ 14:15

Panel: Trends in cable project financing – what’s next?

  • The consortium model has historically been the prevalent construction model, but it is complex and difficult to manage due to the differing interests of members. What future is there for the consortium model? Will we see substantial adaptations to it or even see it fade as an industry model?
  • We are seeing increasing investment from OTTs in cable networks, sometimes with traditional carriers involved – is this a successful model? How long will it continue?
  • Is securing one or more large contracts from OTTs sufficient for a developer of a private cable to obtain financing? Are OTTs a source of direct financing for developers of new private cables?
  • In recent years several systems have been financed by Private Entity firms, development banks and non-traditional lenders. What innovative financing solutions will emerge in the next few years? Is PE funding back and what’s its future?
  • What is the role for vendor/supplier financing in cables (whether consortium or private)?
  • With the changing profile of system ownership and customer base, will we see a change in risk sharing/apportioning and the standard project finance model?
  • With the increased involvement of data centres in the subsea cable industry, will we see data centres investing in cables in the near future?
last published: 21/Sep/18 03:45 GMT

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