Arlene Mae Jallorina | Vice President, Sourcing and Int'l Facilities Investments, Enterprise Group
Globe Telecom | Philippines

Arlene Mae Jallorina, Vice President, Sourcing and Int'l Facilities Investments, Enterprise Group, Globe Telecom

Arlene Mae Jallorina is a Vice President for International Facilities Investments in the Enterprise Business Group of Globe Telecom, Inc. She has over fifteen yearsÕ experience in Planning, Negotiating and Implementing IntÕl Submarine Cables.  This involved either taking a leadership role in the relevant  committees / subcommittees of the consortium cables that Globe Telecom has invested in; or being the lead negotiator on behalf of the company, for Private Cable investments.


Conference Day One @ 16:55

Closing Panel: Evaluating the business of an “Open Network”

  • The definition of “open” – is there an industry standard that we can agree on?
  • To open or not open: assessing the pros and cons of adopting an open cable system
    • Are open systems for everyone? Will there be cases where it’s not feasible and/or necessary? What will those be?
  • Commercial considerations in opting for the open network model
    • What are the foreseeable business opportunities with the adoption of open submarine networks? What are the implications when combined with a more advanced terrestrial network?
    • Consortium vs private cable management of open networks: how will this differ and what would be the challenges that each party would face?
    • How can operators best manage vendor responsibility with multiple vendors on one network; what can vendors do to help?

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