Andy Palmer-Felgate | Submarine Cable Engineer
Facebook | United Kingdom

Andy Palmer-Felgate, Submarine Cable Engineer, Facebook

Andy is responsible for marine engineering and planning of submarine cable systems at Facebook, and serves on the Executive Committee of the International Submarine Cable Protection Committee.  Prior to joining Facebook in 2016 Andy spent a decade with Verizon and was responsible for submarine cable operations and maintenance in the Asia-Pac region.  Earlier in his career Andy was part of the Marine Operations team at Alcatel Submarine Networks.  Andy holds a MSc in Hydrographic Surveying from University College London, a BSc in Ocean Science from the University of Wales, and a Diploma in Law of the Sea from the Rhodes Academy.


Conference Day Two @ 14:55

Panel: Relooking at maintenance models to achieve greater efficacy

  • Current challenges facing today’s maintenance market for submarine cables
    • Investment into fleet renewal – how sustainable are the existing methods of fleet renewal?  Can this be improved, and how?
  • Assessing the potential for greater inter-industry maintenance models
    • Lessons from changes in ACMA
    • How applicable is this across other regions?
    • What are the technical and commercial limitations of this collaboration?
  • The way forward: how can the industry better address the issues facing the maintenance market today?
    • Are there alternative models that can be considered?
    • How will the way new systems are being designed (e.g. mesh networks with greater resiliency) change or open new ways of looking at this issue?

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