Alasdair Wilkie | Chief Technology Officer
Deep Blue Cable | Saint Lucia

Alasdair Wilkie, Chief Technology Officer, Deep Blue Cable

Alasdair joined the STC (now ASN) in 1985 having left Newcastle University with a degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering. Whilst at STC he worked on UK-Belgium 5, the first international optical submarine cable and subsequently numerous other submarine systems, mainly in the marine department. On leaving ASN he worked in C&W(Marine) then IT International Telecom, Flute Ltd, Hibernia Networks. Following a short tenure as Subsea Programme Director for Digicel Group in Jamiaca, Alasdair  is now based in St. Lucia as the CTO of Deep Blue Cable Ltd. Alasdair has authored several papers and is a Member of both the IET and the IEEE.
Alasdair represents Deep Blue Cable on the International Cable Protection Committee (ICPC) as well as being the Chairman of the Atlantic Cable Maintenance Agreement; the preeminent marine cable maintenance solution in the Atlantic ocean.


Day Two @ 15:10

Maintenance Service Providers’ Panel: Perspectives into industry dynamics and key challenges

  • How can maintenance providers tap on technology to develop new solutions to improve energy efficiency?
  • With cabotage rules implemented in more countries risking defragmentation of services, how should suppliers respond?
  • Improving efficacy with the use of multipurpose cable maintenance vessels to serve other markets
  • Renewal of aging assets – With an increasing number of cable ships that require replacement due to old age, there will be a high capital cost spending.
    • How can companies recover or share the construction costs of new cable ships and keep sufficient number of cableships operational in the future?
    • Making the business case for ship financing
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