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XSite Modular is a design-builder of Modular Cable Landing Stations (MCLS) constructed in the United States and shipped all over the world.  Our permanent, structural steel and concrete buildings are non-combustible and built to withstand the harshest environments including heavy wind and seismic loads.  Our buildings have the benefits of a Containerized Cable Landing Station (CCLS) solution with higher quality and durability than traditional site built stations.  XSite stations are built in a controlled environment with experienced labor forces while our process provides design flexibility to meet our clients’ requirements, both technically and aesthetically.  We are able to provide large column free spaces with gracious ceiling heights for ease of equipment installation. Our design-build process dramatically reduces project schedules and provides cost certainty from the earliest concept phases through completion. 

XSite utilizes an engineered, optimized and productized approach that is easily customized for clients’ specific telecom DC power requirements and space/program needs.  This transformational approach allows us to dramatically reduce risk for our clients by providing a turnkey landing station to deliver time-sensitive, critical infrastructure to often challenging locations.  We have worked on six of the seven continents in both urban and remote locations.

Some of our Modular Cable Landing Stations (MCLS) include ECLink, CFX-1, SEACOM, Matrix, Fibralink, TGN Pacific G6, Seabras-1, Hawaiian Telcom Makaha CLS (SEA-US), and Atisa.  XSite also provides PFE shelters, modular datacenters and all types of terrestrial telecommunications buildings.


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