Day 1 programme


Conference Day One


Registration and morning networking


Organiser's welcome remarks


Chairperson's opening remarks

Welcome to the platform economy

The world economy today is undergoing a shift in business models, powered by the Internet and a generation of connected users. Businesses today are developing platforms to connect diverse “netizens” with one another, enabling them to interact and transact. With these networked platforms creating new markets and driving demand for connectivity, where does the submarine cable industry fit? In this morning segment we’ll discuss the changes within the business and how the industry can meet the needs of a future Internet  

Opening Keynote Address: Embracing the platform revolution

  • What is the estimated growth of the platform economy in the next 5 years?
  • What are the markets that are ripe for a platform revolution and how will this drive the need for global connectivity?
  • How does the Internet and other technologies drive the creation and development of new, networked markets and what we can we expect next?

Industry Update by TeleGeography

Panel discussion

Keynote Panel: Cables for a changing tomorrow

  • Relooking at business models – how effective is the consortium model in today’s business climate?
    • Private vs consortium pros and cons: can there be a compromise?
    • Who will build the next generation of cables? What will this mean for carriers?
  • Addressing the changing face of the market
    • What do today’s customers want from cable operators? How are we trying to meet their expectations?
    • How does affect what operators want from their suppliers?
  • Planning for tomorrow
    • ​How can we best plan to mitigate the risk of a capacity shortfall?

Presentation by Ciena


Morning refreshments & exhibition viewing



In quick 10-minute sessions, the cable developers will be giving snapshots on the latest and major cable projects impacting the global subsea industry.  Join us to hear about the project status, partnership opportunities and future plans

Networking lunch and Cable Projects Poster Session Showcase



Happening at lunchtime, meet with cable owners/developers involved in projects happening across the world who’ll share their latest updates through an information poster and interactive one-to-one dialogue. Don’t miss this chance to have your questions answered!

Available as a sponsorship option. Contact the team to find out more 

Project Developer Roundtables

Get up close with the developers! This is an interactive, 40-minute unstructured session allowing delegates to meet and have Q&A with the leading cable project leaders. Delegates are encouraged to pre-register before the conference to secure your seats.
Limited to 10-15 delegates per table!

Project Management Strategies

With new players, challenging environments and unpredictable demands, how can submarine cable project teams manage to implement a system efficiently, such that RFS is met on time, safely and effectively?
In this segment, we discuss strategies and approaches to submarine cable project management, taking into different business climates and/or economic factors 


In this session, we invite the new bandwidth-hungry consumers to share their thoughts on future consumption trends and how we can meet the demands of a hyper-connected population
  • What are the current and future drivers for your business’ growth?
  • What are tomorrow’s consumers expecting? How will this impact the way Internet capacity is being consumed?
  • Are our current networks prepared for this foreseeable surge in capacity consumption? Where are the gaps?

Extending your cable's lifespan

Submarine cables are typically built to last for 25 years, but with new technologies, changing economic environments and the need for diversity, some cables are able to last well beyond their 25-year lifespan. How then can cable owners better decide when and how to upgrade, and does the term 25-year lifespan actually mean anything anymore?

In this session, we discuss how owners can better plan their cable’s upgrade timeline and the case for going beyond 25 years. 

Case Study 1


Panel: Maximising the lifetime of your cable

  • How can you best plan your upgrade timeline and design your network in an unpredictable demand climate? What is optimal?
  • How will new software technologies aid in planning your upgrade timeline?
  • For older cables reaching full capacity, how and when do you decide it’s time to stop upgrading and retire/decommission them?

Case Study 2

(cont'd) Panel: Maximising the lifetime of your cable


Afternoon refreshments and exhibition viewing

New Routes and how to finance them

Panel discussion

Closing panel: Financing tomorrow’s cables

With new routes being deployed to ensure diversity and resiliency, how does this change or affect the business case and financial criteria for investment? We invite various subsea infrastructure financiers to discuss how their considerations have changed, how project financing has changed and new models to consider when investing in some of the world’s newest cable projects
  • Financing now vs then: how has it changed and what
  • What criteria are you evaluating before making an investment decision?
  • What are the new and different financing options that project teams can utilize in creating quality and viable business plans for their cable build?

Chairperson’s closing remarks and end of conference day one



Everyone’s invited!
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