Submarine Networks World Pre-Conference, Monday 25 September 2017


[Objective]: Recent years have seen a number of new cable projects announced and getting built, with more being planned in order to meet the demand for bandwidth, diversity and resiliency. On the flipside, some cables have also failed to take off, for various reasons largely stemming from the lack of a strong and viable business case. This masterclass aims to help project owners (both old and new!) learn how to better build their business case when planning for a new submarine cable build, in order to demonstrate viability and attract initial investment. 
For pre-registered delegates only
Topics covered include demand forecasting, cost considerations, assessing and mitigating risks and financing options 


Registration begins at 08:00AM. The masterclasses will commence at 09:00AM and end at 12:00PM with a networking luncheon
Michael Ruddy

Part One: Determining market demand

  • Factors to consider when assessing market conditions and determining project feasibility 
  • How can cable owners increase the accuracy of their demand forecasts?
    • Competition review and X-year outlook – with demand expected to continue growing and technology advancing quickly, what’s a realistic outlook for planning of upgrades, BUs and contractual leases?
John Hibbard

Part Two: Network configurations and cost considerations

  • Ownership structure – consortium, private, hybrid or co-build?
  • Selecting system design and configuration to fit your primary business objective and investment capability
  • Estimating preliminary project budget and financials based on forecasted demand
    • Other investment costs to factor in?

Morning coffee break

Gary Ayre

Part Three: Risk projection and identifying potential pitfalls

  • What are the key risk elements to take into consideration? 
    • Technical, commercial etc
  • What are the possible challenges and/or issues that could create additional, unforeseen cost?
    • How can these risks be mitigated and what are the contingency plans?
  • Conversely, what are the opportunities that could emerge?
Emma Veve

Part Four: Financing options and how to get there

  • What are the new financing options that have emerged over the past few years?
  • How can project owners determine which option (or what combination of options) is optimal based on business case characteristics, and how to secure them? 
Brian Tellam

(cont'd) Part Four: Financing options and how to get there




End of Masterclass and networking luncheon

Pre-Conference Masterclass hosted by Ciena


(For Operators Only)
Time: 1:30PM – 5:00PM

Learn how submarine networks will evolve through interactive and engaging discussions covering a wide variety of important business and technology topics in this afternoon session hosted by Ciena. 

Keen to join? Email Hazel at to register your interest. 


Registration begins at 01:00PM. The masterclass will commence at 1:30PM and end at 5:00PM with afternoon refreshments and cocktail.


Welcome Remarks

Brian Lavallee

Do Not Fear the Future

Gain new insights into the latest market trends, challenges, and opportunities affecting submarine cable operators the world over to better position new and existing submarine cable assets. Ciena’s vision unites software and hardware technologies to provide a seamless, solutions-oriented approach to adapting maintaining pace with constantly evolving market demands – don’t get left behind with stranded network assets as the world changes.

Richard Norris

Managing Your Entire Network, from End-to-End

SDN is transforming submarine and terrestrial networks. Learn how the latest in software innovation can revitalize your network enabling highly differentiated service offerings to your customers that breathes new life into your submarine network assets by adapting to ever-changing market conditions today, and into the future. Software innovation is and will continue to change the game – learn how you can benefit from this exciting trend.

Coffee Break

Darwin Evans

Voracious Bandwidth Demands? Not a Problem

Submarine bandwidth demands are increasing at 40% CAGR in all regions of the world resulting in submarine cable operators frantically trying to maintain pace over both new and existing submarine cables. Learn how the latest in optical networking technologies breathe new life into existing submarine cable assets while maximizing the monetization opportunities of new submarine cables. Can you afford not to maintain pace with the growth?
Ian Clarke

Enjoy the Primary Benefit of Open Cables – Choice

The openness movement is an unstoppable juggernaut affecting all parts of the global network, including submarine cables, because of the numerous benefits enabled. The most important benefit of open networks is greater choice, as this allows submarine network operators to build best-in-breed networks purpose-built for targeted market segments and highly differentiated offerings. Learn how greater choice benefits you, and your customers.

End of Masterclass and afternoon refreshments + cocktail

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