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Day One


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Organiser’s Welcome Remarks



Keynote Address: Connected users and the world of tomorrow

Panel discussion

Keynote Panel: Looking towards the future of the subsea cable industry

  •     Meeting global capacity demand 
    o    As the world continues to consume increasing amounts of data driving the demand for bandwidth, can the submarine cable industry meet the infrastructure needs of the digital economy? How sustainable is the infrastructure growth rate?
    o    Which routes/regions will see an increase in new builds and bandwidth consumption?
  •     Changing profile of system ownership and customer base 
    o    With the growing presence of internet content and cloud service giants, what does this mean for carriers and the traditional business models?
    o    How will new demands change the ownership economics and how owners are buying from suppliers? How will this shape contracting models?
Steve Alexander

Virtual Fiber Pairs Is the Answer

Submarine cable operators and end-users alike are seeking to fill the connectivity services gap between individual channels and an entire fiber pair. The answer is “virtual fiber pairs”, which allows submarine cable operators to carve out optical spectrum using spectrum sharing technology that provides end-users with unprecedented freedom to use their assigned spectrum as they choose enabling greater freedom to maintain pace with an ever-changing marketplace. This session explores the technology enablers that allow for the successful commercialization of virtual fiber pairs allowing service providers to expand their portfolio of transoceanic services in a hyper-competitive subsea marketplace.

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Global Cable Projects Showcase

In quick 10-minute presentations, cable developers will be giving snapshots on the latest and major cable projects impacting the global subsea industry. Join us to hear about the project status, partnership opportunities and future plans. 

*More cable projects to be confirmed 
Nigel Bayliff

HAVFRUE/ America Europe Connect-2 (AEC-2)


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Networking Lunch & Cable Projects Poster Session


Happening at lunchtime, meet with cable owners/developers involved in projects happening across the world who’ll share their latest updates through an information poster and interactive one-to-one dialogue. Don’t miss this chance to have your questions answered!


Joseph Lim


Joseph Lim, Chief Executive Officer, Super SEA Cable Networks


This is an interactive, 40-minute unstructured, offstage session allowing delegates to meet and have Q&A with cable project leaders and subject matter experts!  

Limited to 10-15 delegates per table!

Network Security

Track Two

Encryption of in-transit data – A case study

  •     Secure encryption of data at both network and application layer 
  •     Providing service consistency regardless of cable system used 
Track One


Dan Whitford, General Manager of Wholesale, Superloop
Track One

More topics to be confirmed

Track Two

PANEL: Mitigating the risk of cyberattacks on submarine cable systems

  •     Possible measures to protect or limit submarine network management systems from exposure to malware and cyber-attacks 
  •     Measures to enhance overall security requirements of network management systems 
  •     How can technology help in improving submarine cable monitoring capabilities?
  •     How can consortium members work together to guarantee security controls? 
Sameer Sharma, Senior Advisor, International Telecommunication Union

Emerging Markets

Designing Resilient Networks

Track One

Tapping into India’s massive bandwidth demand growth

  •     Assessing the current subsea cable infrastructure in India – Is it sufficient to meet the expected growth in bandwidth consumption? 
  •     What are they key drivers behind major expansion of data centres in India 
  •     Improving connectivity with diverse distribution of cable landing stations and competitive market landscape  
Track Two

PANEL: The Always-On Value Chain: Best Practices in Designing and Deploying Uber-Resilient Submarine Networks

Track One

Panel: Connecting the Underserved – Bridging connectivity gaps in remote regions

  •     What is the current state of connectivity in underserved regions and where are the existing gaps? Are there new routes planned to fill these gaps?   
  •     Are existing cables sufficient to fulfill the bandwidth demands of the population?
  •     While cable projects in underserved markets are mainly led by multilateral development banks, private players have increased investment in recent years. How are financing models for underserved regions evolving?   
  •     How can less-developed markets create open-access frameworks to facilitate investment by institutional, public and private stakeholders?*This ession will end at 15:55. 
Natasha Beschorner, Senior ICT Policy Specialist, The World Bank

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Building clouds of the future

  •     What can we expect in a future cloud-driven economy?
    • E.g. demand for secure, hyperscale networks and connectivity
  •     Planning for expected and “viral” capacity consumption
    • How will this affect the way future data centres are designed and built?
    • Implication for subsea networks – how will subsea traffic and routing change to support DC to DC connectivity?
    • Scaling optical technologies to meet the demands of rapidly growing cloud services. 
  •     Your vision for a global integrated connected network
Panel discussion

Closing Keynote Panel: Coexistence and collaboration in a digital economy

  •     How are content and cloud service providers changing the landscape of the subsea cable industry? 
  •     How do the business model, traffic growth pattern and diversity requirements differ from traditional subsea networks?
  •     What is the approach to establishing open partnerships and customer models between OTTs and carriers?
  •     What is the selection criteria in choosing partners for co-builds?  
Mohamed Nasr, AVP - EMEA Cable Development, PCCW Global

Chairperson’s closing remarks and end of Day One


Networking Cocktail Reception

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