Stephen Roe | Manager
Analysys Mason

Stephen Roe, Manager, Analysys Mason

Stephen Roe, Manager at Analysys Mason is a communications specialist, with extensive experience in the design, procurement, and implementation of telecoms and ICT systems. He has managed a number of projects for telecoms operators and end-user organisations in both the public and private sectors. His experience spans fixed, wireless and converged network technologies, including national and regional fibre networks, commercial mobile and public-safety networks, and corporate WANs and LANs. His expertise includes knowledge and experience of submarine cable and terrestrial fibre industries, including the completion of a technical due diligence of a submarine cable project and the provision of expert technical advisory services to a central Government client during the deployment and operational phases of an international submarine cable network and associated terrestrial network. Before joining Analysys Mason, Steve was a commissioned officer in the Irish Defence Forces, working in the area of telecoms and IT systems.


Submarine Networks Europe Day 2 @ 11:50

Roundtables exploring the challenges and opportunities facing the subsea cable industry

Partnership models for cable operators and data centres

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