Rab Paramothayan | Director

Rab Paramothayan, Director, Gibtelecom

Rab Paramothayan is Gibtelecom’s Global Business Director, with responsibility for marketing, sales, carrier relations and growing the company’s global and wholesale business. This is centred around the Company’s investment in the European India Gateway (EIG) submarine cable system for which Gibtelecom is currently the chairperson. Before joining Gibtelecom in 2011, Rab held senior management positions in the Cable & Wireless (C&W) Worldwide Submarine Cable Investment Division, including chairing various international submarine cable systems. Rab has a master’s degree in business administration (MBA) and a business studies degree.


Submarine Networks EMEA Day 2 @ 14:20

Innovative strategies for upgrading existing capacity

- Technologies for cable upgrades- To upgrade or retire?- Limitations to cable upgrades?- The potential role of data in planning cable upgrades
last published: 23/Jan/19 08:55 GMT

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