Luis Alvarez Satorre | Chairman

Luis Alvarez Satorre, Chairman, Islalink

Luis Alvarez Satorre is the Chairman of Islalink, a submarine cable company. He has spent over 30 years in leadership roles. Ex-CEO of BT Global Services, a global telecommunications leader, he has previously worked for Ericsson, IBM and Santander Group. Working in a changing sector driven by the forces of digital technologies has allowed him to connect with business leaders from many companies around the world. He has led significant improvements in business performance, transformation in customer experience, the development of innovative solutions, and he has built winning teams. His passion for the business and the lessons learned inspired him to write this book.

He is an active contributor to social media, where he shares his thought leadership (TEDx talk included). He regularly attends the World Economic Forum, speaks at conferences and runs a radio program called: “CEO Conversations” for Radio Capital in Spain.

He is author of Amazon Best Seller: “Becoming a 3DCEO”, a book about what it takes to be a CEO in the digital age. 

As a digital advisor, Luis is supporting companies with their growth and development agendas, where digital technologies are transforming their businesses. He is also acting as strategic advisor to several leading start-ups in areas like cybersecurity, Blockchain and Fintech platforms, and to Private Equity firms. 

A passionate engineer, Luis graduated with a Masters in Telecommunications Engineering from Universidad Politécnica, Madrid. He completed his business education in Tuck University, IMD and ESADE. 


Submarine Networks EMEA Day 1 @ 15:20

Best practices in submarine cable installation

- Identifying and overcoming the key challenges of installation- Strategies for driving down the costs of cable installation- Improving and developing methodologies

Submarine Networks EMEA Day 1 @ 16:50

What will future subsea networks look like?

  • Improving network designs to meet future needs
  • Building more resilient networks
  • The technologies changing the future of subsea networks, e.g. SDN & NFV, AI, blockchain
  • Network architectures of the future
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