Laurent Chatelin | Managing Director
Marguerite Fund

Laurent Chatelin, Managing Director, Marguerite Fund

Laurent has over 20 years of experience in financing and private equity and is a Managing Director with Marguerite Adviser, the manager of the Marguerite Funds. He has led several investments for the Fund in the Telecom/Digital and Energy spaces. Laurent has made several investments for Maguerite in FTTH broadband network operators, Backbone/data centers and in subsea cables with Ellalink. 

Laurent also seats on different boards of Marguerite portfolio companies, mainly in the Telecom and Renewable sectors.

Laurent is the former Head of Infrastructure Investment with Oasis Capital Bank, where he launched the first GCC Cleantech and Renewable Energy fund. He is also a former Director with Macquarie Capital and previously with ABN-Amro.


Submarine Networks EMEA Day 2 @ 14:20

Current state of finance & investment for the submarine cable industry

- Innovative financing structures for new projects- Sources of funding- Building the business case for new cable builds- The impact of investment from OTTs - is this enough for a project to succeed?
last published: 23/Jan/19 08:55 GMT

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