Kate Panayotou | Principal Environmental Scientist & UN Joint Task Force

Kate Panayotou, Principal Environmental Scientist & UN Joint Task Force, G.H.D.

Dr Kate Panayotou, Principal Scientist at GHD Consulting, has nearly 20 years environmental management experience, of which the last 10 have been focussed on the submarine cable industry. Specifically, her experience includes environmental and social impact assessments, environmental monitoring and management, permitting, climate change adaption and resiliency, and associated stakeholder engagement and community consultation. She draws on her experience in private, government and research sectors to understand diverse client needs and the interface between government agencies and stakeholders in order to engage and translate technical knowledge into clear, concise and appropriate messages while undertaking ESIAs and permitting. Kate recently moved from Australia to the UK, and is a Board Member of both the Australian and British World Association for Waterborne Transport Infrastructure (PIANC) and Executive Member for the United Nations Joint Task Force for Smart Cables.


Submarine Networks Europe Day 2 @ 14:25

The regulatory challenges in an evolving industry

  • Regulating the new players
  • Issues of competition with different industries and the need for cross-industry regulation
  • Addressing changing geo-politics
  • Responding to environmental regulation

Submarine Networks Europe Day 2 @ 15:15

Workshop 1: Spatial planning - why consultation and flexibility are key

    workshop session aims to discuss issues arising from the cumulative effects of multi sector seabed use.The EU has areas where there are no EEZs between costal states where jurisdiction extends to the TW borders this brings with it cables that may be constrained and licensed by two or more sets of spatial planning rules.  When normally a cable would exit a Coastal States regulatory regime and enter the EEZ where the cable would be un-licensed until it enters the TW of another Coastal State.The workshop will address:
  •     Infrastructure co-location
  •     Infrastructure co-existence
  •     Planning guidance harmonisation
  •     Cable Protection
  •     Infrastructure securityThe workshop will be interactive and the audience will have the opportunity to address questions to the panellists. 

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