Gil Santaliz | CEO

Gil Santaliz, CEO, NJFX

Gil Santaliz is the Founder and CEO of NJFX, and the visionary behind developing NJFX as North America’s preeminent international hub for subsea communications, interconnecting many international carriers across three continents with multiple predictable, private backhaul and U.S. termination options. To satisfy the market, Mr. Santaliz developed the concept of "Tier 3 by the Subsea", a purpose-built facility for high-and low-density data center space and colocation of subsea systems interconnecting global backbone networks to unique metro fiber assets providing safe, diverse and unique backhaul options.  Mr. Santaliz leads the paradigm shift in locating the data center at the point where the cable systems make landfall.


Submarine Networks Europe Day 1 @ 09:00

The evolution of the subsea industry

  • New drivers of demand
  • How are content providers changing the subsea cable industry?
  • How new industry players are changing business models for cable construction
  • The effect of connecting new PoPs on network planning
  • How new technologies are changing the industry: SDN, NFV, cloud

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