Gavin Rea | Head of Subsea Centre of Excellence

Gavin Rea, Head of Subsea Centre of Excellence, BT

Gavin leads BT's Subsea Centre of Excellence which is responsible for all of BT's submarine cable assets from design through implementaton and operations to retirement. Gavin has over 28 years industry experience in submarine cable systems covering design, implementation, operations and maintenance of international and domestic repeatered and unrepeatered submarine cables. Gavin's experiance covers network design; system, repeater, branching unit, transmission and powerfeed equipment engineering;  product design acceptance; factory acceptance testing, and system and network commissioning and acceptance. Gavin's project experiance includes consortia management group and procurement group participation and chairmanship. Gavin is currently vice-chairman and executive committee member of the International Cable Protection Committee and executive committee member of the European Subsea Cables Association.


Submarine Networks Europe Day 2 @ 14:25

The regulatory challenges in an evolving industry

  • Regulating the new players
  • Issues of competition with different industries and the need for cross-industry regulation
  • Addressing changing geo-politics
  • Responding to environmental regulation

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