Carlos Casado | Head Of Business Development Emea
Telxius Cable

Carlos Casado, Head Of Business Development Emea, Telxius Cable

Carlos Casado is Head of Business Development in Telxius Cable, with more than 20 years’ experience in Telecom field, including Project Management, Business Development, Sales and Marketing. Carlos has been involved in Submarine Cable Business since 2003, and used to be Head of Capacity Services in Telefónica International Wholesale Services until year 2016. Lately Carlos has been involved in the development of the MAREA and BRUSA projects. Previous to its carrier in the Submarine Cable, he worked in different investments of the Telefonica Company in Italy and in the Representation Office in front the EU in Brussels. Carlos holds a bachelor degree in Law by the Complutense University of Madrid and post-graduate qualifications in telecommunications, business and management.


Submarine Networks EMEA Day 1 @ 15:20

The evolving role of the data centre

- The symbiotic relationship beween the data centre and subsea cable industries- How CDNs are changing the structure of the subsea cable industry- The impact of connecting DCs on cable route planning- Can we expect to see investment from DCs in new cables?- The financial implications of landing cables directly in DCs- Is it possible to repeat the Marseille model in other regions?
last published: 23/Jan/19 08:55 GMT

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