Shale World UK was born in 2013, as part of the international Shale World series which has for 6 years connected operators, licence holders and government with key stakeholders looking to explore the opportunities in shale gas and oil development globally.

Now in its 5th year, Shale World UK is clearly affirmed as the largest, best attended and most well regarded shale and onshore oil and gas event in Europe. Connecting senior and technical representatives from operators and licence holders with local and national government, regulators, local planning authorities, service companies and solutions providers, Shale World UK is the annual meeting place to strategize the future of the country’s shale gas sector.

The industry faces its own unique set of challenges that it is working to overcome. What is not in doubt is that we are sat above a resource with huge potential, favourable geology and which could have significant implications for energy security, job creation, and the economy.

2017 is a hugely exciting year, with awards from the 14th licencing announced opening up new opportunities for exploration, and with wells to be drilled and tested, increasing our knowledge of the true potential beneath our feet.

If you are involved, or looking to become a part of the UK’s burgeoning onshore oil and gas industry, join the rest of the UK’s unconventional pioneers in London at Shale World UK 2017.


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