21Net was set up with the sole objective to offer high speed Internet access and multimedia services on board trains, essentially through broadband channels provided by a combination of two-way satellite, Wi-Fi and cellular connections. As such, 21Net has become the leading provider of Internet and Infotainment on board High Speed trains combining both cellular and satellite technologies. Besides providing the satellite connection for the 26 trains of Thalys fleet (running between Amsterdam, Brussels, Cologne and Paris) and for an initial 3 trains for Indian Rail, 21Net has developed and tested full on train infotainment solutions with functionalities like Video on Demand, IPTV based on a Gigabit network on the 25 High Speed Trains of NTV.
The 21Net Internet access system is based on the proposition that since users are familiar with high bandwidth Internet, only a similar type of experience could be successfully offered on board a high speed train.