Thomas Kritzer | Head Of Tramway Division
Wiener Linien

Thomas Kritzer, Head Of Tramway Division, Wiener Linien


Rail Live 2019 - 5th March @ 16:00

What should operators, or operational departments, look like to be prepared for the future?

  • Is a public owned service operator different from any kind of business sector/company or do we face the same challenges and should work with the same approaches and solutions?
  • How do we break down silos in our companies and develop our procedures to be more customer oriented in order to face the increasingly demanding passenger expectations?
  • How do big data, IoT and digitalization influence our light rail business and how can we use them best?

Rail Live 2019 - 5th March @ 16:15

PANEL: Combining sophisticated safety technology with light rail systems and employees

  • As technology develops at an increasingly rapid speed, how can authorities and operators work together to match the pace of innovation?
  • What should we be prioritising as safety strategies are developed in a post-Croydon world
  • Can we equip our drivers with early warning devices?
  • What are the best practices we can share to ensure safety is maximised in open systems?
last published: 19/Feb/19 09:15 GMT

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