Lisa Constable | Head of Environment & Sustainable Development
Network Rail | United Kingdom

Lisa Constable, Head of Environment & Sustainable Development, Network Rail

Lisa Constable is the Head of Environment and Sustainable Development at Network Rail. She oversees team working to integrate environment and social performance strategies in to Network Rail’s business processes including the creation and management of new tools, policies, standards, governance, competency frameworks and communication plans to manage sustainability risks and upskill employees across the business.  Lisa is also strategic lead for Weather Resilience and Climate Change Adaptation, working to implement Network Rail’s new Climate Change Strategy and to embed management of climate risk within policies and procedures and support the eight Routes with implementation of their Adaptation Plans. Lisa has over 15 years’ experience in the climate change field and is passionate about supporting global efforts to respond to the climate challenge. Her experience spans climate change consultancy with a focus on climate risk and adaptation for private and public sector organisations in South Africa and other developed and developing countries around the world as well as emissions trading and flooding policy analysis, development and implementation for the UK government.


Rail Live! Day 1 @ 15:00

Developing a railway network which is resilient to climate change in the UK

  • Putting our strategy together: identifying our priorities and having an achievable plan in place
  • Placing our standards across the business: making sure our colleagues are on board with the movement
  • How is Network rail preparing for the future: working as an industry to make sustainability a reality


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